The Secret to Getting Film Financing (The Smart Way)

“How do I get film financing?” is a question that filmmakers ask over and over again. This makes sense because funding a film follows the Golden Rule… He or She who has the gold, makes the rules.  And if you’re the one to get that gold for your film, you can write your own ticket.

Back when I started this crazy career, I had no idea how to raise money for films. I ended up learning film financing by doing… I found HNIs (high net-worth individuals) and pitched projects over and over again. Through the process, I failed so many times and made so many mistakes, that I eventually stumbled upon a few strategies that worked.

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The Secret to Getting Film Financing (The Smart Way)

If you do some research, you’ll quickly realize that many so called “film finance experts” have never raised a penny towards financing films.  And even if you do learn from people who have done it, there is no better teacher than experience. So in my opinion, the only way you can truly learn how to fund a film is to get out and take action. Then you get a signed check handed to you, you know you’re a success.

To help you get started, I suggest you focus on the major factor you can control… Prepping your project. This includes refining your screenplay, your presentation, and the timing of your pitch. These are all film financing elements you can control.  The more you prep on these elements, the better shape you will be in!  It takes discipline and practice.

I know this is easier said than done. And I wish there was some magic way to raise money for films. But the truth is, there are a lot of steps and variables to the process. But this should not scare you.  It should motivate you to do everything you can to IMPROVE THE PROJECT.  The more you can make the project better and more desirable, the more you will attract film financing.

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Tom Malloy is a film producer, actor, and writer. Over the course of his career, he has raised over twenty-five million dollars to produce, and distribute multiple feature films. If you're ready to "level up" your film producing, make sure to check out Movie Plan Pro. The video training and downloadable film business plan template will provide you with the same tools Malloy uses when approaching prospective film investors.