How To Woo Private Film Investors (Even If You Hate Pitching)

private film investors

You may have all the creative talent in the world, a team ready to help you make your film and an idea that’s sure to be a major blockbuster… But if you lack the funds needed to fund your movie, the whole process is gonna be tough. It is at this point when most filmmakers start wondering … Read more

7 Shortcuts for Attracting People Investing In Movies

investing in movies

Want to find people who are actively investing in movies? Today’s filmmaking question comes from a frustrated screenwriter who needs to find investors. Since this challenge is faced by most filmmakers and screenwriters, I provided some actionable tactics. Question: I have lots of bound ready scripts. I have a great desire and experience to make … Read more

The Great Film Funding Hoax: Why Investors Don’t Care (And What To Do)

film funding

One of the toughest parts of getting business minded prospective investors to take you seriously is distribution. Like it or not, your film distribution strategy has a ripple effect on all other aspects of your movie production, including film finance…

Independent Film Financing

As you may or may not know, independent film funding can be a little overwhelming. If you’ve ever dabbled in the business side of making a movie, you know what I mean. The first time I heard people talk about writing a business plan or offering a private placement memorandum, I suddenly felt like I was on another planet. And if you’re like most filmmakers, you would much rather focus on actually getting your movie made, instead of cold calling rich and successful people to set up random pitch meetings…

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