new model of filmmaking

The New Model of Filmmaking (For Serious Filmmakers)

What we are experiencing is the film industry equivalent of sweat shop labor flooding the market with cheaply produced product. And as a result of these diminished margins, filmmakers must now think in terms of volume. So instead of putting 100% focus on simply making one movie, the model must now involve planning for, and creating a library for a minimal budget.

film funding

The Great Film Funding Hoax: Why Investors Don’t Care (And What To Do)

One of the toughest parts of getting business minded prospective investors to take you seriously is distribution. Like it or not, your film distribution strategy has a ripple effect on all other aspects of your movie production, including film finance…


The Zen of Digital Film Distribution (So You Can Sell Your Film)

The demise of DVD distribution, coupled with inexpensive production technology has flooded the marked with cheaply produced, accessible movies. For most filmmakers, basing an entire distribution strategy on outside studios “picking up” completed films is silly. Digital film distribution is now a primary way movies are getting seen and sold. This paradigm shift makes it … Read More