filmmaking goals

How To Set Filmmaking Goals Fast (So You Can Make Your Movie)

If you’ve been working to make movies for any length, you know that the process is enjoyable, exciting, and challenging. You have probably also realized that nothing in filmmaking or life happens until you take action. And you can’t take action until you know your filmmaking goals. Over the past decade, I have experienced headaches, heartache, challenges, and crappy … Read More

The Minimalist Guide To Film Festivals

Film festivals offer a great way to show your movie on the big screen to a live audience. For most filmmakers, the experience is exciting and nerve-racking. And in addition to presenting your film, festivals also offer a great place to meet other filmmakers and indie film enthusiasts. To get your film into festivals, you … Read More

get local publicity

How To Get Local Publicity For Your Film

When trying to promote a movie that folks have otherwise not heard of, all ink is potentially good ink. If you’re producing your movie somewhere locally (AKA not Hollywood), then learning how to get local publicity for your film can help build buzz around your projects.This is because, regardless of publication or geography, most anything written … Read More