Filmmaking Lesson 21 Distribution


By now, you probably have a website that promotes your movie.

You can now rework your website into an e-commerce site by establishing an online distribution solution.

Assuming you started with a strong hook, you’ll now be able to leverage your story to help accelerate buzz and make some sales.

Selling your movie online is actually easier than ever.

And if you ask me,  it seems like a new video on demand innovation is the future of middle-man-less movie distribution.

One of the coolest aspects of VOD is, it is now possible to sell feature films digitally, without carrying inventory.

With services like Amazon Video Direct, you simply send them some files for your movie.

They put it on their servers. And then your move is available in Amazon (pretty cool!)

And again, if your movie builds positive word of mouth buzz, your odds of finding an audience are pretty good.

But let’s get some filmmaking first things first.

The following actions should help guide you through the self-distribution process:


  1. Eliminate anything on your website that distracts fans from the purchase of your movie.
  2. Consider streamlining your website. Cut out everything but a trailer and a BUY NOW button.
  3. Post your trailer on YouTube, with a link back to your website.
  4. When people buy your movie, keep their contact information.
  5. Why? You never know when you’ll make a sequel! Wouldn’t it be great to have a fan base?

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