Filmmaking Lesson 15 Hollywood Publicity

Publicity is great. Especially when it’s free. And especially when the publicity is international.

When we produced our first zombie movie, we had the great fortune of being profiled in a national entertainment magazine. In fact, once the magazine hit the stands, so many people flooded our website that our server went bonkers.


Getting publicity for movies in Hollywood is made easier when you have a few movie stars attached to your project. But even if you aren’t producing a big studio picture, there are still a few simple ways to get your project noticed.

Yes. You’ll need to present your project as newsworthy and cool if you hope to attract press attention. And this is super important, but you’ll have to target journalist and publications focused on your type of movies. For example, if you were making a horror movie, unless you had some crazy tie-in, I hope you wouldn’t approach a dog lovers magazine to run a story…

Instead, I hope you would craft a pitch specific to the publication.


  1. Get your production listed in the Hollywood Reporter and Daily Variety. You can do this online.
  2. You’ll probably get a call or two from potential distributors or acquisition executives. Don’t get overly excited. Their job is to find material to acquire. Take down a number for later. Then get back to making your movie.
  3. Create a press release or hire a publicist. If money is an issue, check local colleges and universities to find PR students seeking experience. Then create a press kit.
  4. Have you created a website for your move? Pick a domain name and a hosting company.
  5. Make sure all press material clearly lists your contact information and your website, if you have one. Make your press kit a down-loadable PDF on your site.

When I first moved to Hollywood, I saw Michael Levine speak about Public Relations and Publicity. I’ve since utilized some of his strategies when promoting my movies. I’ve also read one of his books. It looks like he’s since updated. Check out Guerrilla P.R. 2.0: Wage an Effective Publicity Campaign without Going Broke.

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