How To Write A Screenplay You Can Produce (Yourself)

Listen. If you’re an ambitious writer, I’m going to tell you a secret. There is no better feeling in the world than the day you stop sending query letters and instead, you start producing your own work. For years and years, you have dreamed about seeing your work on the big screen. You know you’re good. So why ask for permission?

5 Things Your Film School Degree Won’t Teach You

When I was first starting my filmmaking career, I thought long and hard about the prospects of film school. At the time, I figured a degree from one of the top film schools would increase my odds of garnering success. Now, after having worked in the game for awhile, I can honestly tell you that very few people, if any, have asked me where I went to film school.

thoughts on film school

Thoughts On Film School

In this article, Hollywood film producer Jason Brubaker shares his thoughts on the pros and cons of film school for aspiring filmmakers currently weighing the options between traditional film school (and the price tag) or one of the many hands-on filmmaking education alternatives…

Film Education In Your Pocket

If I were to teach a formal course in filmmaking, I would call it “Never Has So Much Been Done With So Little, By So Few.” In my film education, you wouldn’t have to buy course materials. On the first day of film education, I would give each student a legal pad, some pencils and … Read More