crowdfunding films guide

Crowdfunding Films – The Ultimate Guide For Indie Producers

Planning a film crowdfunding campaign starts with a compelling idea for your story. For many film producers, our hometowns and their particular micro-cultures and institutions inspire the stories we’d like to tell. It’s as if we all want to be Mark Twain, sharing tales of our childhood on the banks of the mighty Mississippi. For … Read More

The Seven Essential Film Contracts Every Movie Producer Needs

Do you need film contracts for actors and other crew? When prepping for your next movie, you must get get written permission for every element you use in your film. At the very least, you will need releases for locations, video footage, cast and crew, and images. If you fail to get the necessary documents, … Read More

film press release

How To Write A Movie Press Release (That Gets Noticed)

A movie press release is a marketing tool. And it’s a one to two-page document that tells media outlets about something newsworthy. In terms of a movie, this could be a crowdfunding campaign, casting calls, screenings or festival wins. This helps people discover your film, which drives them to your website and buy links. Think … Read More

color grading

The Importance Of Color Grading In Your Film

Color grading will give every film you create a unique vibe. At Filthy Look Films, we have leveraged our toolbox to create campaigns ranging from a Wrangler Asia-Pacific spot to a music video for artist 360. I believe that having the right tools for the job is vital. Take the Wrangler Asia-Pacific spot I just … Read More