The Importance Of Color Grading In Your Film

Color grading will give every film you create a unique vibe. At Filthy Look Films, we have leveraged our toolbox to create campaigns ranging from a Wrangler Asia-Pacific spot to a music video for Artist 360. I believe that having the right tools for the job is vital.

Take the Wrangler Asia-Pacific spot I just mentioned:

We shot, edited, and color-graded “Worn Across America,” We knew how we wanted viewers to feel. Color is essential in establishing mood, and I take a different approach than most filmmakers.

The Importance Of Color Grading In Your Film

I color grade before editing. It inspires me, and I often go in a different editing direction than initially planned. Red Giant is my number one grading software, but whatever color grading tool you use, try adjusting the color first the next time you start posting on a project.

How often are you using selective color correction? Isolating a color is helpful when grading with baked-in and crunchy DSLR footage. DSLR cameras have highly saturated reds, and selectively color correcting makes them much easier to adjust.

We did this on an Australian government lifestyle video, “Love Pittwater – The Beach.” We used a Sony F55 and a Sony A7S to shoot and Colorista to grade, and the final cut came out beautifully.

Every filmmaker knows how difficult it can be to eliminate noise from a dark shot, so make sure you find an excellent noise remover to help clean up low-contrast shadows and blacks.

I used a Red Giant Denoiser on a documentary we were shooting with British pop star Robbie Williams.

Shooting backstage in low lighting was challenging, making a lot of noise. There was also a time crunch, but Denoiser could clean it up enough for broadcast in no time. The difference a good noise remover can make in the footage is astounding.

Playing around with color in posts is so rewarding. We’re all about finding that perfect balance of visual perfection and viscerally reactive.

Keep exploring new effects with every project – some of our best work has been a result of us exploring a new plugin or tool.

After all, you never know which effects will work best together until you hit the jackpot, but the only way to win is to keep playing.!

About Filthy Look Films

Mick Jones is the founder and cinematographer of Filthy Look Films, an Australian-based production house emphasizing
professional work, exceptional quality, and a great relationship with clientele. It produces television productions, web series, music videos, and commercial and corporate campaigns with a no-fear attitude at every step. It has worked on spots for BBC & 7 Network, The History Channel, and Wrangler Asia-Pacific, among many other notable names. For more info, check out Filthy Look Films.

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