The Top 3 Mistakes Filmmakers Make When Pitching Film Projects

pitching film projects

Pitching film projects is an art form. I have taught entire seminars on pitching, and there is always room for improvement. Think about it. Your pitch may be the only chance you get to talk to your HNI (High Net-worth Individual) and try to get them excited about your film project. Finding people who invest … Read more

2022 Ultimate Guide: How To Get Funding For Your Movie

how to get funding for a movie

If you want to find out how to get funding for your movie, you’re in the right place. Having raised over 25 Million to produce my projects, I have learned that the film funding process is not overly complicated. But it does require that you stay mindful of one particular rule:  “He or she who has … Read more

The Film Distributor’s Guide To Film Genres That Sell

film genres that sell

When it comes to producing a feature film, investors and distributors want to find ways to reduce their risk and increase the opportunity for reward. One way to get the attention of these industry professionals is to focus on producing films within genres that sell. A few years back, a good friend sent me a … Read more

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