How To Build A Powerful Hollywood Network

hollywood network

If you’re wondering how to network in the movie business, you’re not alone. I have mentioned this many times in my filmmaking courses, and the good news is that if you’re committed to meeting new people and learning new stuff, you can quickly grow your network in the movie business. This may seem easier said … Read more

How To Get Funding For Your Movie This Year

get funding for a movie

You’re not alone if you want to get funding for your movie. I have raised over 25 Million dollars to produce multiple feature films. And through this experience, I have learned that there is one thing you can do to make the movie funding process easier. You need to create “leverage.” Leverage is a powerful … Read more

How To Write A Screenplay First Draft Like A Boss

screenplay first draft

What is the REAL first draft of your screenplay? A big mistake many new screenwriters make is thinking the first draft is the final draft. It sounds silly, but many first-time writers make it to 90 or 120 pages and say to themselves: “My screenplay is ready to be produced!” No. Your screenplay is not … Read more

Theatrical Distribution: Five Lessons For Indie Filmmakers

theatrical distribution

Theatrical distribution is a lofty goal for many filmmakers. You compete with major studios for movie screens. Marketing and promotion are expensive and time-consuming. And if your movie doesn’t make money in the first few days, the theater will drop you. Despite these challenges, I was happy when my movie, “Ask Me to Dance,” was … Read more