Warning: YES, plus TIME equals NO With Movie Deals

As a filmmaker, you know that closing movie deals is essential for success in the industry. However, there’s a formula that you should be aware of when it comes to making deals happen:

“Yes, plus time equals no.”

If you don’t move quickly enough to deliver on your promises, that initial “yes” can soon become a “no.” Here’s what you need to know…

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Filmmaker Time Management

Successful people in the movie business always look for the next big thing. They don’t wait around for someone else to get their act together.

So if you take too long to deliver on a promise, they will move on to the next opportunity. That’s why it’s crucial to prioritize your time and tasks effectively.

Don’t let obstacles or procrastination get in the way of your projects.

Take Proactive Action

An excellent idea for a movie or pitching it to an investor is not enough. You need to be proactive and take action to make things happen.

That means doing the legal paperwork, rewriting the script, or taking care of other business matters as quickly as possible.

When you move quickly and deliver on your promises, you’ll build trust with investors and increase your chances of closing more movie deals.

Focus On Priorities

While time can be your biggest enemy, it can also be your greatest ally.

You can use the time to your advantage when you manage your time effectively and prioritize your tasks.

Don’t let it slip away or waste it on unimportant activities. Use it to make progress on your projects and build relationships with investors.

Make “Yes” Success

Getting a “yes” from an investor or potential partner is exciting, but it’s the first step toward success.

You must deliver on your promises and close the deal to turn that “yes” into a resounding success.

That means managing your time effectively, being proactive, and taking action to make things happen.

Plan For Obstacles

No matter how well you manage your time, obstacles can still arise in closing movie deals. It’s essential to be prepared for these challenges and have a plan to overcome them.

Whether dealing with legal issues, creative differences, or financial constraints, you must be flexible and adaptable to find solutions and keep the deal moving forward.

Closing movie deals is a crucial part of being a successful filmmaker. By prioritizing your time and tasks, being proactive and taking action, using the time to your advantage, and overcoming obstacles, you can increase your chances of closing more deals and achieving your goals in the industry.

Remember, “Yes, plus time equals no,” so don’t let too much time go by without taking action to deliver on your promises. To help you stay organized and on track, download my Filmmaker Checklist.

With this handy tool, you can keep track of all the tasks and deadlines involved in closing movie deals and ensure that you never let a “yes” slip away.

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