How To Find Film Buyers So You Can Sell Your Film

How do you find film buyers ready to make a deal? That’s the question when you have a film and you want to sell it.  Where are the film buyers?  Is there a number you can call?  Is there a place you could just post your film and you’ll get offers?  I wish selling a film was this easy…

To complicate the process more, film buyers most likely only work with established sales agents or distributors, and not filmmakers directly. So this means in order to get your film sold, you will have to be very strategic in how you approach the market. And this starts with finding a sales agent or a distributor.

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Where are the Buyers for Your Films?

Most sales agents and distributors are at the markets. These markets include: AFM, Cannes, Toronto, Berlin, and MIPCOM to name the main ones. If you attend any one of these markets, you could potentially meet film buyers there. But when it comes to trying to sell your film, you might be in better shape meeting a sales agent distributor than trying to deal with a buyer direct.

The reason for this is because most sales agents and distributors already have established connections with the buyers. As a result, these sales agents and distributors have been transacting in specific international territories for years. I would advise only selling directly to the territory if it’s a great deal and you already have a personal relationship.

The key to all of this is relationships.  And establishing long term relationships is what you should strive for.  Whether the relationship is with a buyer directly, or, preferably, a sales agent or distributor who has the film buyer relationships… That’s where you want to start. Relationships are made by networking.

As a final tip, take time to increase your networking skills! And don’t worry if networking isn’t your thing. It’s a skill you can learn! Check out my international film distribution video training.  The market strategies shared in the training apply to the various markets through the year.

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