How To Set Filmmaking Goals Fast (So You Can Make Your Movie)

If you’ve been working to make movies for any length, you know that the process is enjoyable, exciting, and challenging. You have probably also realized that nothing in filmmaking or life happens until you take action. And you can’t take action until you know your filmmaking goals.

Over the past decade, I have experienced headaches, heartache, challenges, and crappy days. But I have also experienced the awesomely surreal, super exciting moments when people watch my stuff and enjoy it. And those moments make the struggle worth it.

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How To Set Filmmaking Goals Fast

Having spent many hours lecturing other filmmakers, I know you want to produce movies, get them seen, and sell them. The problem is, sometimes life gets in the way. Your bills need to get paid. And sometimes, we put our filmmaking goals on hold to focus on life. The problem is that days become weeks. And weeks become years. And before you know it, you forget about turning your film-producing dreams into a film business plan.

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Setting filmmaking goals is essential to planning, dreaming, and keeping your dreams alive. I have always found life easier to deal with when I set exciting goals for myself. By writing down what you want, you can begin to get out of the crappy headspace and your negative self-doubt and enter a world where all things are possible.

To get your filmmaking projects going, you must create a clear and exciting vision for yourself and your future. A big reason you need this compelling vision is so you can keep pushing forward, even when life gets challenging. And believe me, life will always get challenging.

Making movies is a long-term game. One of the mental attributes that all successful people share is a never-ending ability to keep their eye on the prize. The secret formula for achieving your filmmaking goals is having patience plus unyielding persistence in the face of adversity.

Here is a quick video on manifesting negativity in producing:

How To Sketch Your Filmmaking Goals

What is the vision of your ideal future?

To create meaningful success in both your filmmaking career and your life, it’s essential that you set some clear goals for yourself and write them down. The following actions will help you hone your movie ideas and your money ideas and also help you paint a picture of your ideal future:

  1. Take some paper and write down three ideas for movies you want to make in your lifetime.
  2. How much money would you like to have?
  3. How much money do you have now?
  4. What will you do to get the money you need?
  5. The people you hang out with will influence your success. Are you hanging out with people who share your vision? Or are you hanging out with negative people?

Once you get an idea of where you are and where you want to go, you can begin to take steps towards achieving your filmmaking goals fast. One of those steps involves creating a film business plan. This brief document outlines how you will fund, produce and sell your feature film.

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