The Minimalist Guide To Film Festivals

Film festivals offer a great way to show your movie on the big screen to a live audience. For most filmmakers, the experience is exciting and nerve-racking. And in addition to presenting your film, festivals also offer a great place to meet other filmmakers and indie film enthusiasts. To get your film into festivals, you … Read more

5 Tips For Submitting To Film Festivals (For Filmmakers)

submitting to film festivals

Submitting to film festivals becomes a major focus when you have a new finished film. Film festivals can put a film on the map, draw in large audiences and jump-start careers. They’re fun, frustrating, exciting, helpful and many other adjectives depending on whom you ask, but one thing for sure is they’re a wonderful way to get … Read more

Why Filmmakers Fail At Film Festivals


I have been speaking at quite a few film festivals. And what I find is, many filmmakers are still stuck in an old paradigm that no longer exists. In the past, most filmmakers dreamed of getting their movies seen and sold at festivals, followed by a 3 picture deal. But the reality is, these types of deals are…

5 Tips To Plan Your Film Festival Strategy

film festival strategy

As an independent filmmaker with a short documentary about to hit the festival circuit, I am faced once again with planning my film festival strategy. It’s very easy for an independent filmmaker to get so excited about getting into a festival, that they fail to develop a solid plan. 5 Tips To Plan Your Film … Read more

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