Filmmaker Levi Abrino Hits The Big Time

Filmmaker Levi Abrino Hits The Big Time

Any time you take action towards the realization of your filmmaking goals, you will inevitably meet people who think your pursuits are silly. These cynics will ask, “what have you done?” And you’ll respond: “I made a short. It’s in the film festivals.” And invariably, these cynical idiots will shrug their shoulders, and shrug you off, saying “Never heard of it.”

Thank goodness there are filmmakers who don’t give a crap about these idiots.

Back in 2003, before I moved to Los Angles, I stopped by my Pennsylvanian hometown for the Harrisburg Arts Film Festival, where I saw a short movie called Burying Dvorak by filmmaker Levi Abrino. I gotta tell you, the film was awesome. Levi is talented.

I was so moved by Levi’s story, that I made an effort to stay in touch with Levi through the years via some of the social networking sites. And I gotta tell you… Some awesome things have taken shape in Levi’s life. Last year Levi edited a short called God Of Love. You may have heard the movie. God Of Love won the 2011 Academy Award for the best short!

Not bad. But it gets better…

Later this month, Levi has been invited to screen his current movie Little Horses at the Director’s Guild here in Los Angeles.

Aside from promoting Levi, I felt compelled to share his story because it serves as a reminder to us all. It is important for all filmmakers push through the BS and make your movies… No matter what anybody thinks or says about you.

Because you never know. Sometimes even a short movie can win you an Oscar!

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