Film Festival Directory

Film festivals offer a great way to show your movie on the big screen to a live audience. For most filmmakers, the experience is exciting and nerve-racking.

In addition to presenting your film, festivals offer a great place to meet other filmmakers and indie film enthusiasts.

To get your film into festivals, you must first submit your work. You could apply to each festival individually or use tools such as Film Freeway to help save you time.

To increase your odds of success, you should research various film festivals before applying. You’ll want to know if the festivals typically feature your type of film.

Is the festival good for awards? Will you be able to meet distributors? Or is the objective to show up and get free beer?

Once at the festival, take time to meet the staff. Although the team is meant to be impartial, they attend the same parties as the filmmakers.

You never know when you’ll meet a film festival judge. Make sure you are polite and friendly to everyone. And be sure to “sell” your film to anyone who will listen!

Film Festival Directory

You may find the following links helpful if you’re looking for a film festival directory.

Film festivals are invaluable to getting your films to live audiences as a filmmaker. Garnering acceptance to film festivals can also provide avenues for networking, career promotion, and deals.

We contacted our Filmmaking Stuff subscribers a few months back and asked them to recommend their favorite film festivals. The response was overwhelming.

In the film festival directory that follows, you will find links to over 200 of the top film festivals in the world.

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