screenplay first draft

How To Write A Screenplay First Draft Like A Boss

What is the REAL first draft of your screenplay? A big mistake many new screenwriters make is thinking the first draft is the final draft. It sounds silly, but many first-time writers make it to 90 or 120 pages and say to themselves: “My screenplay is ready to be produced!” No. Your screenplay is not … Read More

I wrote a screenplay

I Wrote A Screenplay, Now What?

If you just wrote a screenplay, congratulations. You just completed one of the hardest things to do in Hollywood. And if you’re like most first-time screenwriters, you’re wondering what to do next. Do you contact a producer? Get an agent? Enter a screenwriting contest? Or raise money and produce your film? There are no easy … Read More

develop a great screenplay

How To Develop A Great Screenplay So You Can Attract Investors

You need to write or develop a great screenplay to make a great movie. While this advice may seem obvious, many filmmakers can’t tell if a script is good. To avoid this pitfall, list every classic film you enjoy. Then do an online search for that screenplay and read it. Make it a habit to … Read More

sell a screenplay without an agent

How To Sell A Screenplay Without An Agent

Very few screenwriting books offer tactics on how to sell a screenplay without an agent. Something that will add credits to your IMDB, put money in your pocket, and help kick-start your career. Here are four tips to help get you there and also provide you the right frame of mind for success. Tactic 1: Your … Read More