How To Stop Rewriting And Start Filmmaking

The importance of having an awesome screenplay can’t be overstated. Your script is the blueprint for your film. And because your movie script is so important to the success of your project, many would-be filmmakers (who also write) spend way too many years rewriting. In fact, it behooves you to check out this video on the REAL first draft of your screenplay:

For these creatives, the material is never good enough. But if you want to get your film produced, there comes a time when you need to stop rewriting and start filmmaking.

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How To Stop Rewriting And Start Filmmaking

Rewrites are essential. But if you overdo it, the process can take time and resources time that you could be using to make your film. If that sounds confusing, think about the following questions when you do a quick review of your current script.

  • Does the screenplay make sense?
  • Can you envision every single scene when you close your eyes?
  • Overall, are you happy with what you see?

If you can’t answer yes to all of these things, you may need to give your script another polish. Just keep in mind that any change you make in your screenplay will impact your schedule and budget. So it’s important that you have your script locked in and ready to go.

To help you take the pressure off constantly rewriting your script, it may behoove you to use a movie production management system on your shoot. These programs handle a huge amount of workload for you, and can do things like:

  • Let you upload your screenplay.
  • Track changes between different departments.
  • Collaborate on the film with all team members.
  • Set up a production and shooting schedule.
  • Adapt scheduling and budget on the fly when script changes occur.

Having a finished screenplay is great. Having a finished film is better. That means that you have to know when it’s time to stop the rewrites and start filming. And if you liked this article, you’ll my filmmaker action pack.

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