How To Survive The Movie Business

It’s easy to fall into a rut when you’re living inside it, never realizing that things are changing around you. If you’ve spent the last few years working in Hollywood, you’ve probably seen some changes. And then along comes this tidal wave of COVID-19, and everything is disrupted. How long will it take to get back to normal?

While some things will stay the same, plenty out there is changing in a big way. Surviving the movie business now requires more than making a good movie and getting noticed.

When movie theaters shut down, that was a MAJOR change. Films started to be released to Premium TVOD (Premium Transactional Video on Demand). More and more streamers are popping up every day. The movie business is in a constant state of change. And as it changes, you must change with it. So it’s a good idea to look closely at key points that could help you survive the movie business.

survive the movie business

How To Survive The Movie Business

Several disruptions in the movie business will likely continue. These business declines are worth knowing so you can avoid common pitfalls in your plan to survive in the movie business:

Things To Focus On

Some of the above points are obvious. But it’s surprising how many industry pros fail to think about this.

As the industry changes and physical media disappears, there are plenty of great opportunities for those in the industry to seize. Here are some things to think about as you push forward:

  • Focus on Cast and try to make a movie in a genre that sells.
  • Go to film markets. Learn the business side of it all.
  • Building content that appeals to a niche audience is essential.
  • Get a team together who understands how to pull something off for a cheap amount and make it look amazing.

Taking The Info And Running With It

Sure. Things are changing. And you’ll have to adapt if you want to survive the movie business.

Despite this disruption, until AI starts making movies, some things will always stay the same. Filmmakers will need to bring a story to life. And filmmakers will need to connect stories with audiences. To achieve these goals, filmmakers must cultivate good relationships with recognizable talent and determine how to get a crew and equipment.

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