5 Free Screenwriting Tools for Emerging Screenwriters

Whether or not you’re writing the next Hollywood blockbuster or backyard indie, putting words on a blank page is not easy. Great screenwriting takes years to master. The good news is, unlike other aspects of the industry, honing your screenwriting doesn’t require a big budget… And these free screenwriting tools can help you accelerate your success!

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5 Free Screenwriting Tools for Emerging Screenwriters

To help you accelerate your screenwriting career, our friends at ScreenCraft and The Script Lab sponsored this article so you could gain access to their free screenwriting tools. 

1. WriterDuet – Writer Duet is a professional screenwriting software used by some of the industry’s best screenwriters – And the basic version is free! The software will help you craft your script in professional screenplay format. And in addition to a gazillion other great features, the software also allows you to collaborate with writing partners!

2. The Script Lab’s Vomit Your Screenplay In Five Weeks – This free screenwriting course teaches you how to write a feature film screenplay in just five weeks. While you still have to write, this course will keep you accountable, so you can get something done. (Because done is always better than none!) 

3. ScreenCraft’s Introduction to Screenwriting – This free book teaches you the basic elements of writing and formatting a screenplay. In terms of free screenwriting tools, this one serves as a great primer for new screenwriters, so you can quickly learn the craft and business of screenwriting.

4. TSL 360’s Free 3-day Trial Script Lab’s TSL 360 membership gives you a free, 3 day trial. You’ll  then have access to hundreds of hours of interviews, masterclasses and keynote lectures. Unlike many courses, these lectures come from agents, managers, producers, studio executives, and Award-winning filmmakers. Leverage your 3-day trial to binge-watch everything you can!

5. CoverflyOnce you finish your screenplay, Coverfly can help get your script in front of producers and studio executives. While the Coverfly site is free, many of the screenwriting competitions, labs and fellowships (listed on the site) are not. So before you invest real money, make sure you do your research.

In addition to the free screenwriting tools listed here, it’s always a good idea to reach out to other screenwriters and get their suggestions. And speaking of other screenwriters… If you liked this article, please feel free to share it.

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