Independent Film Financing

Today, I'm going to offer yet another bit of perspective on the whole question of how to raise money for movies. As you may or may not know, independent film funding can be a little overwhelming. If you've ever dabbled in the business side of making a movie, you know what I mean. The first time I heard people talk about writing a business plan or offering a private placement … [Read more...]

Interview with filmmaker Casey Walker

Ever wonder how to raise money for movies, but had trouble finding people willing to participate? For feature filmmaker Casey Walker, solving this problem only took a little creativity. By selling off frames of his movie, one frame at a time, Casey Walker's innovative approach to financing his current feature project, titled: Free For All...But You! has gotten him international … [Read more...]

Become friends with investors for your movie

Often filmmakers get choked up when it comes to finding investors for their movie. Yes, we all know film is a speculative investment, and a bad one at that. Yes, we’ve all heard that a dentist is probably the most likely source of potential investment dollars. And finally, we all know that you need to sell potential investors on the glamor of filmmaking before they will buy … [Read more...]

Still think Dentists are your best independent movie investors?

It's one way to get money. It was made popular back in the day, by those guys who made Evil Dead so many, many, many, many, many years ago. But tax shelter laws have changed. And while there are many dentists who are financially OK, there are many who are not. In the next couple months I'm going to provide some information on how to find real investors. Subscribe to … [Read more...]