The Price of Hollywood

Often the price of Hollywood is hidden behind the veil of magical splendor. Success in movie industry is different for everyone. Some filmmakers want recognition. Others want a pile of cash. And other filmmakers simply want an awesome business card title and a little respect.

But regardless of your career goals, you need to determine the price you’re willing to pay to achieve your success. And believe me, the price of Hollywood is not cheap!

price of hollywood

Ready To Pay The Price of Hollywood For Filmmaking?

What price are you willing to pay in terms of effort, time, money and possible frustration to make a living in entertainment? For many, the price of Hollywood includes rejection, heartache and a lot of failures before you begin to make it… And you soon realize the idea of “making it” is vapant.

When I first arrived in Hollywood, I found a group of friends with similar goals. We got together on a few projects and wanted to change the world. And while our first feature film was a success by many standards, most of those early friends were unable to keep the momentum going in their own lives.

Maybe what they initially thought of Hollywood success changed. Some got married and had babies. Some of my friends got high paying, real jobs. And one guy literally went crazy, disappeared for a few weeks and was eventually found naked behind a dumpster eating stale pizza crust. (At least that’s what I heard.)

Are you willing to pay the price of Hollywood to make a living making movies?

The price you pay could be wasting your youth on a career that never comes to fruition. Living the life requires dedication, hard work and some luck.

If you don’t establish a grounded perspective and plan, the pursuit of a movie career will most certainly make friends and family think you’re self absorbed, egotistical and a little crazy.

The worst part is, your friends and family may be correct.

What price are you willing to pay?

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ARTICLE BY Jason Brubaker

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