Pick Your Peers And Level Up Your Filmmaking

If you want to level up your filmmaking career, you need to pick your peers wisely. I’m speaking from experience when I tell you there are a more than a few jerks in the film industry. But then again, there are more than a few jerks in every industry.

Your success depends on your ability to create a jerk filter. With a jerk filter, you can selectively eliminate “friends” who aren’t thinking in terms of your best interests.

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Pick Your Peers And Level Up Your Filmmaking

As you move closer to the realization of your goals, it’s imperative that you force yourself to seek out and spend time with people who enhance your life. Birds of a feather do flock together. You will become the people you hang out with.

Surround yourself with successful people and become a success. Spend time with mediocre people and you become mediocre. Hang with losers and loose.

For some people, this truth is painful.

What if your lover or best friend or roommate is draining your creative energy? Sorry. But if you want to be a success, you need to cut these negative people out of your life.

In these relationships, two things happen, either you lift up your friend or they pull you down.

Unfortunately, gravity is on their side.

If this describes your situation, bail out fast, or suffer.

If anyone you meet treats you like crap, they hate themselves. Furthermore, you should never spend time with people who treat you in ways that erode your self concept.

As a rule, when you pick your peers, you must only hang out with supportive, positive people whose presence makes you feel better about yourself. You must also strive to make other people feel good, in a non-phony, genuine way. This will allow you to focus on finding ways to “level up” your filmmaking.

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