Screenwriting is the heavy lifting of all movie projects. The screenwriting articles at Filmmaking Stuff reveal real world tips for how to write a screenplay, how to sell a screenplay how to market your screenplay, how to get a screenwriting agent and how to write movie scripts that sell. Even if you do not live in Hollywood or have any industry connections — by reading the following screenwriting articles, you will get closer to writing awesome screenplays.

5 Easy Ways To Get Your Screenplay Noticed


Production Offices throughout Hollywood are filled with great scripts. But there is no reason why your script should simply ‘blend in’ with the others. Here are 5 simple adjustments you can make that will get your screenplay noticed (and you as a writer) taken seriously by industry decision makers. 5 Easy Ways To Get Your Screenplay Noticed There are a ton of male … [Read more...]

3 Screenwriting Pitfalls That Will Wreck Your Career

Screenwriting Pitfalls

Most novice screenwriters think getting screwed over in Hollywood all boils down to story theft, but in truth, story theft rarely takes place.  Instead, they overlook the very real screenwriting pitfalls that can cause unnecessary career setbacks. 3 Screenwriting Pitfalls That Will Wreck Your Career What follows are some of the real-world situations you need to be … [Read more...]

Best Screenwriting Books

Best Screenwriting Books

When you're searching for the best screenwriting books, it doesn't take long to stumble upon the works of Syd Field, William Goldman and Robert McKee. While most would agree these gurus do a great job of teaching art within the rules, I would also like to suggest some less obvious resources. The books I'm about to showcase are not often included in lists for best screenwring … [Read more...]

How to Be The Screenwriter Hollywood Needs

Writing For The Green Light

If you want to get your script noticed in Hollywood—and your talents compensated for—then you cannot be just a ‘good’ screenwriter, you’ve gotta be great! Before you go and pay for another screenwriting class on character development or plot points, perhaps all you need to do is simply change your perspective on what makes a screenwriter ‘great’ in the eyes of Hollywood’s … [Read more...]

Top 10 Screenplay Contests

screenplay contests

We took a poll of several Hollywood executives to get their perspective on the best screenplay contests for discovering new writers. Below is a list of contests that were mentioned. Top 10 Screenplay Contests In no particular order, here are the best screenplay contests and events based on our recent talks with film and television executives, managers and agents. 1. … [Read more...]