Get Your Screenplay Read

How NOT To Get Your Screenplay Read (For Smart Screenwriters)

A few years back I had the first draft of my first screenplay ever. Like a lot of folks who dream of Hollywood success, I was eager to share my work with the world. Problem was, I had no idea what I was doing. Through a friend of a friend, I was put in contact with an “entertainment attorney.”

acquire a screenplay

Write or Acquire a Screenplay? Here’s How To Take Action!

Do you write or acquire a screenplay? Think about it. Screenwriting is the heavy lifting for your movie. Without a good script you limit your chances for success from the onset. Your goal is to only work with the best material you can get your hands on. In your journey to bring ideas to life, you will … Read More

Types of Comedy

The Top 7 Types of Comedy Used In Movies

There are various types of comedy used in comedy films, ranging from slapstick comedy to satire. When you’re writing a comedy, it’s important to use various elements of comedy, so I’ve combined a list of the top 7 types of comedy used in comedy films. 1: Slapstick Comedy Slapstick comedy has been around for a … Read More

start filmmaking

How To Stop Rewriting And Start Filmmaking

The importance of having an awesome screenplay can’t be overstated. Your script is the blueprint for your film. And because your movie script is so important to the success of your project, many would-be filmmakers (who also write) spend way too many years rewriting. In fact, it behooves you to check out this video on the … Read More

finish my screenplay

Help! I Cannot Finish my Screenplay

Okay, we’ve all been here. You reach a point in your writing where you think to yourself: “I cannot finish my screenplay!” You might have started your script with a bunch excitement and energy… And next thing you know, your inspiration fades. If you’re like a lot of screenwriters, you get 15-20 pages into the … Read More