Five Ways To Make Your Short Film Awesome

Make Your Short Film Awesome

When I got into filmmaking, short films were viewed as a calling card. You'd make a short, get into festivals and hope someone would come along and offer you a gazillion dollars to fund your feature. While making a short film is still a great representation of your talent, advancements in streaming video has created a lot of opportunity for the short filmmaker. Of course, … [Read more...]

Selling A Short Film

Selling A Short Film

Many filmmakers start out making short films. With all the new distribution tools available, one question I get a lot involves selling a short film. A filmmaker named John asked the following question: "Is selling a short film possible? Would you do it the same way you would sell a feature? If not, what is the best way to market your short film and get an audience? Would you … [Read more...]

Rae Dawn Chong and The Celebrant

Rae Dawn Chong

Rae Dawn Chong is an actor, writer and producer. As the eldest daughter of comedian Tommy Chong, she started acting at age 12 appearing in Disney’s “Whiz Kids of Riverton.” Years later she is still making movies appearing in the Duplass brothers film “Jeff who lives at home” which also starred Susan Sarandon and Jason Segal. She is currently awaiting an edit on a teaser for … [Read more...]

Writing and making a short film?

Writing and making a short film? Less is more (unless it’s too much less) By Screenwriter Jurgen Wolff I’ve seen a lot of short films over the years. Frequently I’ve been impressed by the visuals, the level of the acting, sometimes the innovative use of a mix of media. Can you guess what most often is the weakest link? It’s the script. Or sometimes the lack of one. In … [Read more...]

Gary King Talks Filmmaking


Jason Brubaker Tell me about your background in filmmaking. When did you start making features? Gary King I didn't attend any formal film school. So to learn the craft, I just dove in and made my first short film in 2003.  I hired a film student graduate to help me produce the film and I basically job shadowed her to experience the various stages of production. Jason … [Read more...]