How To Build A Filmmaking Team You Can Trust

Finding a filmmaking team that you can trust can make or break your film. This is because making movies is incredibly challenging. And the last thing you want to do is work with the wrong people. This is a major reason producers on studio films often work with the same people over and over.

If you are new to filmmaking, you obviously won’t have much of a network to tap when it comes to establishing a filmmaking team. I recommend that you start small for your first few projects. Find a handful of collaborators, and then assign roles based on their skills and interests. Then grab a camera and complete a few small projects, like music videos and short films.

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How To Build A Filmmaking Team You Can Trust

Your films do not have to be over the top. For example, here is a music video project my buddy Jared did one afternoon. It is a simple sketch, with a few actors and a lots of exterior locations. But the project gave Jared a chance to experiment and also see how a small filmmaking team works together.

Doing these small projects is your trial-and-error period. You’ll get a sense of the chemistry and skillsets from your collaborators. You’ll find out what everybody bring to the table. It is also your chance to make sure your filmmaking team works well together. You’ll be able to weed out any non-team players. And completing small projects will help you when your films get larger and the pressure more intense.

If your assembled filmmaking team can produce a dozen small projects while gelling together, you have taken a big first step toward assembling your core crew. And when done well, you will hopefully find a crew you can work with for decades to come.

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