Why There Has Never Been A Better Time To Make A Short Film

There has never been a better time to make a short film. A great short film is, well, great. Assuming the story is produced well, a short film has the power to create buzz and show off your talents as a potential Hollywood hit.

If you want to make a short film, it’s important to leverage the resources you have. Make a list of any sorts of props or locations you can safely access to would add to the picture. For some people, this might mean that you put a camera on a tripod and record birds in their backyard… For others, the story might involve a bit more complexity.

make a short film

Make A Short Film

Before HD technology, a good short film was shot on 16mm film. These days, you can use your phone to capture a better picture than film, for a fraction of the cost. This means you can plan your short, shoot it and possibly still have enough money left for festival fees (often forgotten.)

From a producer perspective, short films were not always marketable. Back in the day, outside of film festival prizes, getting a return on investment was almost impossible. But streaming technology and video on demand distribution changed that. (Leveraging an aggregator, you can now distribute short films on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.)

Suffice it to say, if you have a short film idea that you simply cannot ignore, you NEED to make your movie now! Additionally, a short film allows you to make some major mistakes before you start burning the big bucks. If you are looking to make a short film, you might want to check out my resource called 101 Short Film Ideas.

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