7 Lies Film Distributors Like to Tell Filmmakers

film distributors

Independent film distributors are great if they offer you a decent deal for your movie. And having spent the greater part of my career in distribution, I can tell you there are (still) many great film distributors out there, working to do the right thing. The problem is, distribution also has a fair share of sleazy, fast talking hotshots more concerned with selling you the … [Read more...]

Stop Crying About Filmmaking


For a very long time the barriers to entry have prevented most filmmakers from having a career outside of Hollywood. And while one can argue that independent filmmakers have always existed, even the most independent of filmmakers relied on traditional Hollywood distribution vehicles to get movies seen and sold. But those days are gone. Stop Crying About Filmmaking You no … [Read more...]

MovieMaking Tools

If you're looking for moviemaking tools, here is my list of top picks: 1. Free Filmmaking Book: This free resource provides you with some basic, no fluff filmmaking information. Additionally, you'll also get onto my super cool filmmaking mailing list. (It's what all the cool filmmakers read.) www.FreeFilmmakingBook.com 2. Modern Moviemaking Movement: A few months back, I … [Read more...]

Google Gets Into Movie Distribution

Google is taking over the world. So it's no surprise that the company would get more and more involved in indie media distribution and create a marketplace for music and movies. Our friends over at No Film School provide a very detailed overview. To read the rest of the article, go here  >> I'd like to thank one of our modern moviemakers, Joe Ort for forwarding this … [Read more...]

The New Model of Filmmaking

In his book, “Think Outside The Box Office,” Jon Reiss coined a new filmmaking job called Producer of Marketing and Distribution (PMD). This idea was born of the fact that modern independent moviemakers must now create their own marketing and forge their eventual distribution strategy from day one. Having had extensive experience in producing, marketing and selling my own … [Read more...]