Three Reasons to Be Your Own Screenwriting Agent

screenwriting agent

The ongoing myth that you ‘need an Agent’ to get your screenplay seen by Hollywood’s gatekeepers continues to hold back countless writers from gaining real traction with their careers. Does this mean a screenwriting agent serves no purpose?  Or that you won’t someday work with one?  Or that agents are only out to screw you over?  Of course not! Three Reasons to Be Your … [Read more...]

Top 10 Screenplay Contests

screenplay contests

We took a poll of several Hollywood executives to get their perspective on the best screenplay contests for discovering new writers. Below is a list of contests that were mentioned. Top 10 Screenplay Contests In no particular order, here are the best screenplay contests and events based on our recent talks with film and television executives, managers and agents. 1. … [Read more...]

Should Screenwriters Stick With Movie Formula?

Movie Formula

While in high school, I taught myself how to write a screenplay. It looked more like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with a few slugs thrown in on the page rather than an actual screenplay. Fortunately this was enough to garner acceptance into film school. When I finally had the chance to write a full feature length real-deal-legit screenplay, I had to knock the socks off of … [Read more...]

Do you have a story… Or just a movie premise?

movie premise

Do you have a story… Or just a movie premise? by Jurgen Wolff If you’re a screenwriter you’ll have a lot of people excitedly tell you that they have a great story for a screenplay. If you’re foolish enough to ask them what it is (or unable to get away from them before they force it on you), often you’ll find they have a movie premise, not a story. Unfortunately, even … [Read more...]

Screenwriting Agents Do Not Have Time To Read Your Script

Screenwriting Agents

Somewhere in the world someone has just finished the first draft of her first screenplay - ever. Full of enthusiasm, the unknown screenwriter breaks out a hammer and puts the final touches on the two brass brads that hold the 90-120 pages together. It is at this point when this writer asks himself the obvious question: "How do I get my movie script produced?" This is … [Read more...]