Screenwriting How To Protect Your Material

Since starting Filmmaking Stuff, many screenwriters have written me, asking if I could provide advice on how they can protect their screenplay from theft.

I usually tell screenwriters that most producers will not go through raising a gazillion dollars without fairly compensating the screenwriter.

However, as my screenwriter friend Jurgen Wolff points out, “While most people are honest, in every business, there are people who steal.

Once in a while, you read about such cases in the media, but others are kept quiet as a condition of the settlement.”

Jurgen would know.

At least twice in his career, someone stole and took credit for his material. 

As a result, he lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because he didn’t know how to handle the situation and listened to bad advice.

So when I saw Jurgen’s product focused on helping writers “stop the rip-offs,” I thought it would be helpful to you. In full disclosure, this is an affiliate product, and I will get a commission for purchases. But with that said, I know Jurgen personally and can’t think of too many people who are more willing to share their expertise.

So if you are interested in finding out more about Jurgen Wolff’s “Stop The Rip-Offs” system.

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ARTICLE BY Jason Brubaker

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