Make Filmmaking Your Next Small Business

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A new product is being launched today that will help take filmmaking out of Hollywood and put it into the hands of every day, creative people so that they can combine their life’s ambition of being a filmmaker with owning their own business.

The Filmmaker Action Pack is the brainchild of Jason Brubaker, a Los Angeles-based independent filmmaker and an expert in Video On Demand distribution.

He has hosted another filmmaking website,, for years and is taking his experience to the next level.

“The Filmmaker Action Pack was created to help YOU make, market, and sell movies more easily,” he says.

“The ways movies finally make it to market have changed. The Filmmaker Action Pack is designed to help grow your fan base, build “buzz,” and create a community around your title.

“If you want to make a living making movies, you must realize that your library and the subsequent audience you source (over your career) are your major assets. And as a result, your most important filmmaking focus (aside from doing good work) is to acquire and keep a customer,” he emphasizes.

For filmmakers in need, The Filmmaker Action Pack covers the four key areas of film production: screenwriting, film financing, filmmaking, and distribution.

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ARTICLE BY Jason Brubaker

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