Film Distribution System

Film Distribution System

Independent filmmaking is often considered one of the riskiest businesses in the world. This is due, in large part to the inefficient nature of our business. Think about it. Indie film is one of few vocations where people create a product without any idea how they are going to market or sell it. Despite this reality, most indie filmmakers still make movies, subscribing to … [Read more...]

How I Got Lucky With My First Feature Film

First Feature Film

Your first feature film is usually the hardest and, paradoxically sometimes the easiest to make. What you don't know often won't hurt you, and a lack of experience can sometimes be your best friend. I have been making movies for decade, but I've been trying to make films for 15 years. That five year setback was perhaps the best thing that ever happened to me. Let me … [Read more...]

How to Navigate AFM – The Ultimate Guide


With the American Film Market on the horizon, I am getting inquires from a lot of filmmakers about the "proper" way to attend the market and pitch to distributors. For those of you just getting started, AFM (The American Film Market) is a trade show that happens every fall in Santa Monica. This is a time when established movie buyers and movie sellers set up shop and meet … [Read more...]

How To Overcome Doubt And Make Your Movie


As a filmmaker, sometimes the biggest obstacle to overcome is your own negative self-talk. In today's guest filmmaking article, independent filmmaker Dimitri Morantus provides tips for ignoring naysayers and pushing forward to make your movie. Making Movies In An LA Minute My father once told me that he wanted to be an actor and that he didn't pursue it because his father … [Read more...]

Don’t Lose Your Movie : How to Avoid Data Loss


Don't Lose Your Movie : How to Avoid Data Loss by Filmmaker Guest Blogger: Allison Gillette, Producer and Creator of “Cow Power” Everyone’s worst nightmare is getting that call from your editor: “Something is wrong with the hard drive and I cannot view the footage.” No filmmaker takes data protection seriously until it happens to them. I was one of those people until I got … [Read more...]