How To Overcome Doubt And Make Your Movie

As a filmmaker, sometimes the biggest obstacle to overcome is your own negative self-talk. In today’s guest filmmaking article, independent filmmaker Dimitri Morantus provides tips for ignoring naysayers and pushing forward to make your movie.

Making Movies In An LA Minute

My father once told me that he wanted to be an actor and that he didn’t pursue it because his father didn’t help him. It took me some time to find the flaw in his statement. And then I decided that I too wanted to pursue entertainment. Realizing a choice I made, probably just to make him proud – I went to him and told him my goal was to make movies that will make people laugh.

My father turned to me and said “Your not funny enough.” I told him that I could do it. He smirked and sarcastically responded by saying “Good Luck” and just walked away.

I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

I shook this off and decided to pursue my goal. I was 10 years old and my father never really understood how that statement affected me. It haunted me and created so much doubt. I mean if your own flesh and blood didn’t believe that you could do it, then why would anyone else? And what would make me believe I could?

I’m not sharing this story to put my father down, because it is not his fault. And while it is true that he hasn’t won any father of the year awards, at least I have my father in my life. He wasn’t born in this country. And back then African Americans did not become successful filmmakers.

Now years later, I am excited for the opportunity to prove to my father, and more importantly, myself that I can follow my passion and be successful. I am not saying that making movies is going to be easy. I’m saying that I have accepted the consequences of seriously pursuing this goal and I am ready for the challenges.

I am now working on my first feature film, called “L.A. Minute.” The only obstacle that will stop me from completing my film is my death. It’s reassuring to know that is an obstacle we all have to face.

The biggest piece of advice I can give to aspiring filmmakers, is to TRY and keep on trying.

Thankfully, there are several crowd-funding platforms like indiegogo and Kickstarter. It is important to build your network and fan base prior to launching a campaign. That is a must! In addition you want to make yourself and your project stick out from the rest. I feel like my campaign does that. Yet only time will tell the outcome.

Here is more about our movie: L.A. Minute.

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Dimitri Morantus is a Brooklyn born guerrilla filmmaker. His first short film “Charlie” won the prestigious “Audience Choice” award in the Santa Monica College Film Festival, with his second short “The Power Of Elle” taking home “The Official Best of Fest” award. He studies film at UCLA, and is currently in production for his first feature film “L.A. Minute.”

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