minimum guarantee distribution deal

How To Get A Minimum Guarantee For Your Independent Film

So you’ve just completed your film and want to sell it. Let’s say it is a horror film, and you’re super proud. Many people tell you to hold off on distribution deals unless you get a significant minimum guarantee. And the first question you have is, “What the heck is a minimum guarantee?” Often called … Read More

film genres that sell

The Film Distributor’s Guide To Film Genres That Sell

When producing a feature film, investors and distributors want to find ways to reduce their risk and increase the opportunity for reward. One way to get the attention of industry professionals is to focus on producing films within genres that sell. A few years back, a good friend sent me a feature drama project to … Read More

get more views on youtube

The Easy Way To Get More Views On YouTube

Getting more views on YouTube is a great way to promote your current film projects and grow your audience. In addition to being the second largest search engine on earth, YouTube has a built-in community of viewers who can comment, share and link to your videos. So taking time to plan your YouTube strategy as … Read More