3 Useful Tools So You Can Build An Email List For Your Film

Got to any film festival and you will hear filmmakers saying “You gotta grow your audience!” As a filmmaker, one way to measure the size of your audience is to build an email list for your film.

As you begin to build an email list for your film, you can send personalized emails to your subscribers while softly providing your current projects. Your subscribers get to know you and know your work. And if you do it right, building an email list will support your whole career.

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build an email list for your film

Build An Email List For Your Film

Before I get into tools, in full transparency the following recommendations are my affiliate partners. So if you do your own research and decide make a purchase, these services will most likely compensate me. With that said, it will not affect your purchase price.

Okay. With that said, here are some useful tools so you can build an email list for your film.

1. WordPress Site: Your website will serve as a central hub for your filmmaking business. Creating your site in WordPress will save you time and the money you would otherwise pay a developer. You’ll then be able to update and publish content quickly. You can find themes to help meet your your needs.

To set up a WordPress site (which you can do in minutes), you will need hosting and a dot com address. Check out my affiliate partner Bluehost. I personally utilize them to host most of my websites. Once you install WordPress, you may want to check out this WordPress theme for filmmakers.

2. Email Service: Even with the greatest movie website on earth, most visitors will NOT buy your movie on the first visit to your site. So you will need an easy way to capture and manage subscriber email addresses. I recommend my affiliate (they pay me, so make sure to do your research) Aweber or Convertkit an easy way to collect email addresses and build a list for your film.

3. Get Subscribers: Once you’re set up with an email marketing service, you can build your an email list for your film by installing an email capture plugin. One email plugin worth checking out is called Leadpages. The service lets you quickly create beautiful email opt-in forms, popups, and widgets. And you don’t need design or coding skills either.

Once you download and install Leadpages, you’ll can then link it to your email marketing service. Hopefully these tools help you build an email list for your film so you can grow your audience.

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