What All Filmmakers Need To Know About Recording Audio

recording audio

Unless you’re making a silent film, every filmmaker knows that recording audio is incredibly important to bringing their cinematic vision to life. And yet there are so many times on the set when the visual takes precedence over audio. Someone with deep pockets must have originally said the old adage, “We’ll fix it in post,” … Read more

5 Takeaways from ATT Shape Event For Independent Filmmakers

ATT Shape

Technology transforms and revolutionizes entertainment and in today’s world, that is happening at an accelerating pace. This was on full display at ATT Shape, an annual event that explores “the convergence of technology and entertainment and how the future of content creation and distribution will usher in new audience experiences.” It was held June 2-3 … Read more

7 Surefire Steps To Writing For Independent Film

writing for independent film

Writing for independent film is very different from writing a big budget movie. While both types of movies need a great screenplay, Hollywood production companies can afford to do whatever they want, and no budget is too big for them. When writing for an indie movie you really want to be realistic about what you can … Read more

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