Overview of The Digital Juice Miniburst LED Lighting System

Film and video production needs lighting to be effective, and lighting equipment that is flexible and powerful is a huge benefit to video producers of all levels. Enter the Digital Juice Miniburst Lighting System.

The Digital Juice Miniburst Lighting System are small LED lights that make a big impact. They are available in both a 128 size and a 256 size as well a three point kit that includes two 256 lights and one 128 sized lights, complete with batteries, stands, power adapters, a diffuser gel and a tungsten balanced gel.


Digital Juice Miniburst Lighting System

The basic light is daylight balanced (5600K) and gives a nice hard light that can reach all the way across a basketball court (I know, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at first). While the basic light provides an overall hard light, there are two gels that nicely soften the light.

The standard diffusion gel softens the light without changing the color temperature, but the tungsten diffuser balances the light down to a nice 3200K balance. Check out the video for some more examples of the lights in use.

When I first saw the tungsten gel I thought it was too orange, but on camera the balance is correct. Bear in mind that the gels are made of a hard plastic that is fragile – I had a gel slide out of a light once when I put it at an odd angle, and I had to order a replacement gel from Digital Juice.

The three point kit comes with stands and mini ball adapters for the stands, but the lights themselves have mounting points in the top and the bottom that allows for extreme flexibility. When you add that to the ability to run off of the standard NF-P battery packs (available from Sony or off-brand), you have lights that can be mounted almost anywhere.

And because the LEDs run very cool, you can actually have the lights be hand-held for extended periods of time. That ability is amazing for run and gun filmmakers. Here’s our Amazon affiliate link in case you would like to add Digital Juice Miniburst LED Lighting System to your gear.

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