How to Plan a Kickstarter for Your Film — The Ultimate Guide

How to Plan a Kickstarter for Your Film

For many filmmakers, our hometowns and their particular micro-cultures and institutions inspire many of the stories we'd like to tell. In our minds, we all want to be Mark Twain, sharing takes of our childhood on the banks of the mighty Mississippi. For me, making movies was all about telling stories about the colorful “yinzers” I grew up around near Pittsburgh. And that's … [Read more...]

How To Shoot A Pitch Trailer


The script is ready. The money is not. As a writer and director on my first feature, I anticipated the process of finding investors to be difficult. I did not expect it to seem impossible. After countless rejections, I decided to turn to Kickstarter. Kickstarter was one path on my journey toward funding. And one of my major goals in the campaign was to grow my audience - … [Read more...]

Send Digital Movie Files After Crowdfunding


Picture this! As a filmmaker, you just finished a successful crowdfunding campaign. You not only hit your goal, but exceeded your own expectations. While this is truly a time to celebrate, there is still one nagging thought is in the back of your mind. How will you send digital downloads of your movie to all your supporters? I mean, fulfilling physical crowdfunding perks … [Read more...]

Crowdfunding For The Canyons


"Hollywood Types" Go Micro-budget and Borderline Hipster with The Canyons on Kickstarter  By Laura Zinger Filmmaker And Guest Film Blogger Have you been wondering when the Hollywood would jump on the blitzkrieg bandwagon that is Crowdfunding? It's happened. Writer Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho) has teamed up with writer-director Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver), and … [Read more...]

Film Fundraising: 5 Crowdfunding Mistakes to Avoid


In this guest filmmaking article, filmmaker Brad Kageno shares what he learned with his crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and provides you with 5 Crowdfunding mistakes to avoid... Film Fundraising: 5 Crowdfunding Mistakes to Avoid As I type this, I am halfway through my Kickstarter campaign for my feature I Hate You.  We're about one-third of the way toward our goal, … [Read more...]