How To Sell Your Movie Idea

If you want to sell your movie idea and actually get your movie made, you need to stop procrastinating and take action.

To do this, start the process by breaking your BIG filmmaking project into small, manageable chunks.

How do YOU plan on taking your movie project from script to screen?

Do you plan on finding prospective investors outside of Hollywood to fund your movie? Or do you plan on moving to Hollywood and then networking your way through the studio system?

Sell Your Movie Idea

How To Sell Your Movie Idea

1. What Are You Selling?

Everybody has an idea. Trust me.

The other day, while waiting to get my oil changed, I sat within earshot of two idiots pitching movie ideas to each other.

Both thought the other was gonna jump at the chance to “produce” each other’s epic story. The problem was, both of these yahoos wanted the same thing – to get THEIR movie made.

(And both bragged about knowing some movie star.)

In this example, even if these guys were real, there was no buyer in the conversation, just sellers.

Before you make your pitch, make sure you’re actually pitching to a buyer. And secondly, make sure the buyer actually cares about what you’re selling.

2. Make Sure Your Movie Is More Than An Idea

Everybody in Hollywood has an idea for a movie.

Everybody thinks they can write screenplays. Everybody thinks they are special.

Everybody is crossing their fingers, waiting and praying that SOMEONE ELSE will recognize their talent and sprinkle them with Hollywood famous fairy dust.

Ideas are everywhere and ideas are worth less than something tangible.

If you want to be taken seriously, make sure you have more than an idea. I suggest having the rights to an outstanding story, or some money in the bank, or the interest of a NAME actor. At least this is something. . .

3. Speak The Language Of Your Buyer

Everybody asks: What’s in it for me?

If you don’t get this, you will pitch water to fish – with no success. (Fish do not need additional water.)

While I enjoy all movies, my own interests involve skateboarding, time travel and science fiction that explores theories of physics. I also like knowing if there is an easily accessible market.

Is there a niche target audience for your story?

Story aside, some people are interested in helping you because they think it will help them get laid, make more money or simply feel good on the golf course, bragging that that they are now a film producer.

What does your buyer want? If you do not know, you have no business pitching.

get movie moneyIf this aspect of film producing seems totally cray, cray and you never sold a thing, I highly recommend you get some sort of sales job. This will teach you cold calling skills, how to face rejection and if you’re good, you might just make few bucks in the process.

Or you could just grab a copy of the Indie Producer’s Guide To Film Finance and find out how to meet and build relationships with prospective investors.


  1. Jack Hoffman says

    I have an idea for a re-make of a 1970’s romantic comedy. I have no experience in the movie industy whatsoever and I hardly ever go to the movies. However I am an ardent lover of older classical movies which can only really be seen on TV. There is one particular movie that I have seen many times which I absolutely love and it surprises me immensly that no film company has ever thought of doing a re-make of this movie. This movie, a 1970’s romantic comedy is not only heartwarming, but hilarious. I even have an idea who I think would make the perfect partnership as the leading male and female actors for this movie. I am hoping that I will be contacted by a film maker that is willing to take me seriously.

  2. lucia says

    I don’t know where to start but I am not into the movie business or anything like that. But I had this dream and it felt like a movie. When I woke up I recorded what I just dreamt. I want to sell it because I think it would make a great movie and who doesn’t like horror movies.

  3. Delores Fischer says

    Hi Jason, I don’t have an idea, I have actual experience where I came face to face with the devil. I did write a book about my experiences in my life which are truly unbelievable, but I promise every single word is the truth. I have never seen a movie like what I experienced. I truly think it would be the greatest movie of all time.

  4. Stuart Preston says

    Thanks for the advice Jason.

    I am writing my idea as a book at present and would love to take it all the way to a film.

    Spoke to several people about this unusual series of dreams I had consecutively… it actually played out like a movie in my mind and every time I have described it to friends and family since. They all think it would be the horror of the century so far.

    Will keep at it, finish the book and then work on making it into a screenplay. Thanks pal!

  5. dicker says

    I do screenplay writting how can I sell it.Please give me advise.

    Thank You,


  6. Fiona moscrop says

    I don’t wish to get personal gain from my movie idea, but I would donate if successful to the charity am working with.
    I’ve been told to get my idea out there but I have no clue how or where to begin.
    Hoping you would be interested to here my idea and please get in touch.
    Thank you for your time

  7. Teresa says

    Good Evening! I have a movie idea that would have people sitting on the edge of their seats almost peeling off the chairs! I would rather not give to much information because my movie idea is very deep.

    I’ve been watching movies almost all my life I like thrillers horror drama movies.

    My ideal has come from watching movies and looking for something that I’ve had not seen yet. The only thing is I need help with getting started. I started writing it it 2007 then lost all my paperwork in a fire. The idea is floating around in my head I can remember everything I wrote.

    Please contact me to help me get this together. Thanks.

  8. Jwar says

    I have a true story about a wrongful aresst, involving a sexual assult case, on spring break. From beginning to end it will have audiences of all types interested and leave some very opinionated.

  9. zeeshan farooqui says

    i have lots of idea’s about the hollywood movie plz give me a chance i want to see you my experience and my age is 18 years i am doing studying and i am doing cabin crew course

  10. Carol says

    I just read about this on wikipedia and wondered…why isn’t there a movie about something about this???

    A famous group of zambos were the Misquito Zambos, who originated around 1640 when a group of African slaves revolted on a slave ship, took it over and wrecked it at Cape Gracias a Dios on the border between Honduras and Nicaragua. They united with the indigenous Miskito people, and by the early eighteenth century came to dominate the kingdom, leading it on many extensive slave raids. Their alliance with and protection of English merchants and settlers in the area helped England found the colony of British Honduras (today’s Belize).

  11. Corey says

    Hello Jason, well lets get to the point. For the past four years me and my business partner have been working on this project. (It started out as just an idea for a new video game/graphic novel). Since then we have also spent countless hours working to make that dream bigger. As of now we have a movie script typed up in four different parts (Saying four movies). After that we thought what next? So now we have one book written with three more to go. The title is “WARRIOR’S KREED”, it’s an action/romance, with the mixture of two movies (Mortal kombat, X-men), and we have registered and copywritten “WARRIOR’S KREED”. I am looking for advise, best road to take etc… Willing to sell for right offer. Would love to have your opinion on it. Thanks for helping

  12. Bill Waters says

    I have a sci-fi movie idea that involves very believable prophetic and religious conspiracy. It is completely original, obviously possible, and would leave the viewer or reader believing it could be reality. Much of it is on paper but I’m not a writer. Any guidance on how to get an editor to assist with writing a book or a script?


  13. Jodi McKenna says

    A true story similar to the movie “Not Without My Daughter.” If interested in reading my memoir, please contact me.

  14. says

    I am a disabled senior PUBLISHED AUTHOR. I have written 5 books, and several screenplays. I have had great reviews in which I was told the book I wrote some year back would make a excellent movie
    A story about direction and the formative years, how misdirection can lead to turmoil and unavoidable hardships. Life lessons.

    At some point, we have to take full responsibility for our actions. Good and bad.

    During my youth, I lived the kind of life I wanted to live. Now, during the Autumn of my years I’m paying for it. If you start off in life with a PLAN for your life, you’ve already won half the battle.

  15. Anthony hargreaves says

    Hi long shot but have some amazing ideas in not much of a writer but concept is amazing don’t really want to say the titles or story line but I can’t name one movie out at sea that’s was amazing and also have and amazing marvel idea not shore if it would be aloud but think I heard something about it been frencheyed ?? Would love advise help ect

  16. saheed adewole says

    hello I have an idea that will touch he lives of many. it will be a movie that will guaranteed make waves. thought provoking, tearful, fear, anger, dis trust, amazement. This needs to be made asap as it affects everyone right now. it will touch everyone on every level from the old to the young, rich to poor. please call me

  17. adi kul says

    Hey Dear All, I am from India (Mumbai (Bollywood)), I have so many ideas and short story which I havent published any where. I usually wrote poems and articles for Marathi (One of the largest speacking languages) magzines from India. I want to know,how one can help me to get my stories into motion picture?

  18. angel says

    This movie idea I have is a blockbuster in the likes of the hunger games and planet of the apes. Its a science fiction based on our time with a twist that will make the twilight zone seem like disney land. I am in no way a film student or affiliated with film making but I have a real vivid imagination and have seen a great deal of movies in my life. I dont know how to get started but I need to have this film made not only because it will be a multi million dollar movie but because the concept is so simple and yet no one has ever used this idea.

  19. says

    I have an idea of script but my English is not so good. if some one coordinate me with Urdu language spoken in Pakistan & India please contact via email given

  20. Francisco says

    I dont want any money, what i really would like is to see this Film on the big screen.

    My only concern of this Idea if it would make some people mad or uncomfortable about it. Well Its a mix of two movies everyone has watched. One is related to racial profile(which i don’t want to make it that way) and the other of everyday life we live in the big city.

    I cant ask for money when i dont know if this can be play. but it would be nice to see my name on the credits. :)

  21. monkey hanger says

    Evening. PLEASE read. I’m from hartlepool and I’m not sure if anyone realises this but we are in the history books for hanging a monkey. I want to see a film about this. I have many ideas that are strange, unusual and completely different to the stereotypical ideas these days. I moved to Houghton-Le-Sprint which is next to a town called stanley, home of beamish (county Durham). I have a horror thriller idea I’d like to set there.

    Contact me for further information. Thanks. Ian

  22. Nick Wolff says

    I have many ideas for movies I just can’t write a script I would love to collaborate with someone who can.

  23. susan chilembo says

    hello, i have stories for sale of an African old set up.
    i want to sale my story as well, i have been through a lot and my life is reason to many teen and women out there.
    interested & trustworthy peoples to contact me then we get started.

  24. iMDAD aLI says

    I have write a movie idea. The idea is full of happy, tears, education, love, peace, stability, smuggling, two rich man one honest and other is greedy of money. Idea around a boy is very simple, honest, trustworthy, lovely and want to work for those disadvantage people to stand on their foots.
    I am not a cheating man.

    If you want idea give me 1,000,000 USD – I will send the agreement.

  25. AJAY SANDEEP says

    hi sir this is ajay from ANDHRA PRADESH located in INDIA i have a variety love story and defenately its breaks the sentimental hearts give me one chance i will show my ability to explain a story finally believe me sir i had a great story.
    thanking you,
    yours AJAY

  26. Tammy says

    Greetings fellow earthling, when I was in high school I wrote a book based on true events in my life I stopped because my own book began to scare me. Now I have built up courage to not block it out anymore, so I am going to get people to role play the events for me, random friends, and im going to record video cam a normal cheap one because im poor haha, if you want to see into things bit more find me on facebook. sweet dreams xx

  27. Patrizia Davis says

    Please contact me I have a been writing (BB3) Bad Boys III, I have an idea for this movie that will top the charts please contact me great writing ideas……..

  28. hamed says

    Hello Sir. Can I just write a story? I don’t have experiences to make a movie. How can I share my story in a legal way? I have a story about virus. It is 100% different. Help me. I don’t want money. I just want to improve my creative writing. I live in Afghanistan. I contacted Indian directors many times, but they don’t help me. Thanks.

  29. Clouds says

    I have a movie and about the last flying humans on earth. Who is interested should contact me.

  30. a.abdulwahab says

    I have a very good mermaid romance story.But i don’t have proper guidance for hollywood entry.
    My story will give a avatar result if it been picturised with lattest advance 3d techniqs,
    i have been striving hard to achieve it.

  31. Dustin Dunbar says

    I have the next big thing since the purge for an idea not only its entertaing its prophecy contact me!!

  32. John Johnson says

    I swear to god I have a 100% unique and original teen comedy movie idea that would be a guaranteed box office hit, lets cut the bullshit; everyone here has stupid delusional ideas. I know what im talking about, if you want a REAL idea, then message me.

  33. brian nkwito says

    Ive got a whole series on paper but actually i don’t know what magic I’m gonna perform to transform my play from script to screen. may some person help me out please!!!!!!!


    I have eighty-five feature length production ready screenplays. Any investors or producers available?

  35. Bill M says

    I have a true story about an Iraq soldier that was killed. I have his complete journal from start to finish. I was wondering if this can be sold for a movie or book? Bill

  36. Kenny Harris says

    I have been thinking for a long time on how to go about selling an idea and I’m hoping someone sees this to email me about it

  37. tyree says

    Can we follow the same formula for a movie idea that is a remake of an already released film.

  38. bala 2k says

    I am a Cameroonian scholar who has great film ideas and scripts to market which can find a place in any society please help me ease this job.thanks

  39. Christian Grevson says

    I’ve been thinking a long-time, and know that alot wants to make a movie bout themselves. Well im no exception. If I could given a chance to work with someone that could get it rolling.Cause I have a series of events and names to hide idenities and ideas for some actors to play certain parts. I read a little bit on this and I learned that you need a good movie pitch so here’s mine

    “A burning desire of love is killed with emotional murder”

  40. Kelly says


    I have a question. In the last seven months I have had some life changing events happen within my family, that have actually made national news. I have wrote here and there about it, mostly as a way to spill my anger onto something I cannot hurt or offend. I have considered making something of this, I personally am a huge fan of “real life” or “based on true events” shows/movies. My mother and I have watched Lifetime movies for years, which is where my idea came from. So, my simple question is this: do you think people would be interested in a story based on actual events, about soliciting murder? Or does this sound like a waste of time?

    Any advice is welcome, thanks!

  41. Derek says

    I have always loved movies and always will. However, I have felt a lack of originality in most movies in the past years. I feel that something new needs to shine on the big screen. I have a few ideas of my own that I’d like to share. They will not be shared here, as I’d prefer they not get stolen. If you’re interested, please send me an email, and I will send you the details on my first idea. I am sure it will grab people’s attention. I want it to grab the right people’s attention though. This idea of mine, is certainly to become a blockbuster hit if in the right hands.

    In your email, have the subject matter be “What’s your movie idea?” so I can find it amongst all my emails.

  42. Regan Brandon says

    Okay, okay we all have spectacular ideas that are going to take the movie industry by storm…right…well no, the thing is everyone has a brain wave once in a while and believe it will be the next ‘Titanic’ or ‘Shawshank Redemption’. Realism is a thing of the past. We need to get a grip, I doubt anyone here will be taken seriously and this is coming from a 16 year old. I have started writing my book which is probably around 4 years from finished because it takes some time for intellectual ideas to hit the page, anyways good luck to everyone and I hope for the best .

  43. Dean Masters says

    Please contact me. No, seriously, please contact me. I’ve got this idea….

  44. ramsy says

    I have really awesome true story base on my own life experience about unnecessary suffering of human life. Do contact me as I really want to turn it into a movie. Make my wish come true. Call please!

  45. kamran Afsharzadeh says

    Anyway Jason if you are interested my story let me know, this is true love story very emotional happened to me on the internet I was in love for 8 months I knew something is wrong after just about 2 weeks we met but couldn’t let it go, after than when she broke my heart after 8 months I educate myself to find the answer about the human behaviors and how sick peoples can be in real life and these days especially on the internet and how they find a way in your life.

  46. kamran Afsharzadeh says

    I have a great story which is true story about today’s internet and how hurtful it can be, since all kind of people using internet and some for enjoyment and hurting others for their own needs and behavior, majority of people unaware what is going on and trapped, many take years or forever to recover and some emotionally get hurts for long period of time if they don’t know what was happened to them. is about love.

  47. Bjorn April says

    I have a great idea for a movie, I am a Rocky fan and it cant be the final goodbye for Stallone in his Rocky franchise.

  48. Arthur K Webster says

    I have a great idea on a movie that will be worth your while and I know that there are a lot of people that say the same thing ,but I’m a beginner but my ideas are very much some of the best.I’m looking to hear from you. Thank you.

  49. Kevin says

    I am trying to find people who can help me get a career in film making started. Ideas to work with film companies like Disney. If anyone is reading this and knows of ways to help me, let me know.

  50. Shari says

    I have a movie idea, its a true story about a SECRET CHRISTIAN BULLY WHO NEVER GOT AWAY WITH IT. Everyone has movie ideas but mine will blew you away. Please contact me

  51. says

    Hi JXM – I have exactly the same thoughts myself. Especially the comments with spelling mistakes and typos… But alas, this is all part of the blogging fun.

  52. JXM says

    There’s no way most of these comments are real. Seriously? Not just one but several people saying “call me” or “email me” in a website comment to sell a screenplay idea and not leaving any information to follow up?

    I have a hard time believing the writers of this site aren’t just goofing on all of you and padding the comments to set an example of what not to do.

    I have scripts – not just ideas, actual screenplays – but the hell if I’m going to randomly offer them up to a blog, and I highly doubt any legitimate writer would ever do this either.

  53. WUG says

    My idea is so secret even my family don’t know about it because I won’t tell them until they read my will. My age (65 years young) right now doesn’t give me much time to deal with having to go through the process of contacting people that can make my idea become a reality, so if the (family) wants to continue my movie idea once I am gone than it’s up to them to do it or abandon the idea. (The only way I would do it now is, if contacted by people that can make it happen in due time).

    I have never seen a movie or read a book about my idea and maybe someone in the future may think of it because it is something quite common that happens on a daily basis. I know others have mentioned the same phrase, so I think I have said too much and I better stop before I give out my treasured idea of my potential future movie idea. I am not a professional writer (I wish I was), but only someone that writes in Blogs and somehow make others mad, when they seldom agree with my thoughts.

  54. yassien smaili says

    I have the movie of the year believe it or not. Contact me and you will nor regret. I need a serious person who is interested to make a big movie that will cost a lot to make. But it will make much more. A lot of action, science fiction and fantasy.

  55. Disappointed says

    Wow, it is as if no one actually read the piece. Ideas are worth nothing. Do something with it.

    (Good advice by the way)

    Everyone has an idea for a movie they think will be great – guess what, you don’t. If original movie ideas were that common the majority of movies wouldn’t be remakes, comic book adaptions or thinly veiled knockoffs. Original screenplays with decent story lines are rare. Well written ones even more so.

    I hopped on here wondering how I might position the novel I am writing.
    Working my tail off on it too but research is more fun than I thought it would be so no complaints…..

    Oh yeah – my story is also “original and a guaranteed hit”. LOL
    Actually the first 4 drafts will probably be garbage but the idea is solid. Guess that’s why there are so few writers out there. It’s actually hard work.

    Ideas are easy. **Apparently grammar and spelling isn’t though.
    I just hope no one has the same idea and can put it out before I get done in a couple of years.

  56. Rickie Hinrichs says

    I have an idea for a film about the plane disappearance from Malaysia. Please contact me.

  57. leyla says

    I have a great idea for a horror/thriller fantasy movie. I saw it in my dream. Just like a movie and believe me I woke up crying. Please contact me.

  58. CARLO YADAO says

    I am a Filipino. I want to make my movie (a love story) get seen on television.

    If you are interested, please email me the strategy. It is through story edited to be beautiful. If I can have a budget, I will make it. But I can’t make it because I don’t have the money.

    Please text me or email me. I promise you won’t regret it. We will be connected until the end!

  59. Larry Bridges says

    I believe everyone loves a good story. People have been telling stories since the beginning of time.

    I have over 12 that I wrote down and believe would be great. I like to read and I have a hard time finding books that attract my interests. I have noticed that the stories that are on the book selfs or the movies that are out there are not like any of my concepts.

    I believe I can bring something new to the big screen. However I’m strapped for cash. I do have the ideas. I Just need help getting off the ground. I’m looking for partners.

    I can guarantee results. I don’t need anything down and I don’t want to sell out cheap. I’m in it to win it. I don’t mind sharing.

    I also have a sequel. That one I won’t talk about until… Call me.

  60. tofiq shadafny says

    The next movie hit
    It will be amazing i hope you will ask me on email
    promise you wont lose

  61. roger nunn says

    I am amazed that most of the comments here do exactly what the article says not to do.
    They say that they have an original idea they would be willing to sell.
    Great, but everyone has those, and they are not worth anything as simple ideas.

    Come on people, get real and a bit more inventive.

  62. mido salah says

    I have something that can be a great idea for a Story movie.

    All details on my page on face book ….. (THE ARK)

    Thank You

  63. Melissa says

    I have acutally wrote a movie and I am currently working on the sequal. I haven’t yet registered my first movie with “The writers guild of america” just yet, the reason why I haven’t done this yet is because I am not sure about how to go about finding an agent, not too many days ago I emailed a director/producer. He responded back and asked to see a sample of my movie script. I sent him a couple of scenes and he said he’ll get back to me about how to go about finding an agent. This would definately be helpful. I need to get my script registered than I need to find that agent.

  64. Joseph Baidoo says

    I have a gift of story telling which can be developed into movies. On October 17th 2013 while using the bathroom my mind was suddenly “invaded” with a movie story which I carefully recorded. This is a gift from above which has not been exploited. If there is somebody out there that the Lord can use to make my story show on the big screen please get in touch.

  65. Rodrigo says

    Just had to read a few of the comments to realize it would be a waste of time to say “I have a movie idea, its unique and has never been though or shown before, it would make all these out-of-space movies after Independence Day seem crapy, as they really are”

  66. RPB says

    My movie idea is easy to grasp, appeals to a large demographic and revolves around current affairs. Pls. contact me to discuss further.

  67. shalom says

    I have a true life story to tell. Its thrilling, full of suspenc n unique. It can be developed to seasonal movie. Need a writter to listen to me n put down d idea. Contact me.

  68. Christy Figueroa says

    I have many life experiences and I would like to meet with someone that can write it down and sell my story to the producers to make a movie. I come from a Christian home that has a lot of secrets. My story is about family incest, bitter divorce, life on the streets and the Separation of a marriage of 2 sweethearts. My husband spent all his money on drugs and lost his job the next day. He is living with a fat lady that’s taking care of him. I am waiting for his return home.

  69. Hayatou krama says

    Hi, My name is Hayatou.
    I have always been a dedicated HOLYWOOD Fan with an interest of almost every genre of movies. I have an idea for a movie that I think is very original and never thought of before. I only can describe it as thought-provoking idea. It could be classified as having the effect of A.I by Steven Spielberg, but it is even more thought* provoking and deep. What I think makes it very special is the way in which it pertain to the human race in general. Is about each and every individual around the globe: very specific in a sense and concerning each individual too, in another sense. I would imagine the impression of a movies build around it as : a movie that will promote peace all around the world just in one sitting.

  70. says

    drEam MoIve iS RigHt HerE.
    Now that i have your attention please hear me out just for a moment. I’m in multiple film classes and have a million dolor film idea that is a combination of two very popular movies combined to an action packed story that the audience of everyone could relate to with good vs evil rising action and alot of twist. the script is still a work in the progress but the idea is genuine, any writer/producer interested please email me or message me on Facebook, i am looking for any type of partner, you never know, we might get rich fast 😉

  71. Harley Teter says

    I have a movie idea that I think is good. It’s original (haven’t found anything like it) and I’m willing to sell it to anyone who can make it into a real movie. All I ask is 10 grand singing bonus and my name in the credits. That’s it. I don’t want anything else out if it, no more money than the 10 grand, and no money from sales. Once I sell it, it and all royalties belong to that person/company. Again, all I ask is 10 grand and my name in the credits. If interested email me at [email protected]

  72. Erica Gregory says

    Myself and my Group are currently finishing a book on The Moors Murders. For the past 14 months we have been looking for the victim of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, we are a paranormal group who visited the area for the first time in November 2011 and found bones near to a grave area of one of the victims, we went back a week later to another area and found a shovel that Myra stated they had buried after the murder of Keith Bennett. We have since found many symbols in that area, and I myself have written to Ian Brady for the past 12 months, and have taken on a book he wrote ,,which is in cryptic, in that book is where the grave is situated. I have decrypted most of the book , and worked on other things that no one else has. I have figured out Brady’s plans , but also him. A book is going to be published in the next 6 weeks we are currently finishing this with the help of a member of one of the victims family. I have taken Brady on and we know that he is reacting on what I send as we have been told. If we are right on this we also have more victims that we can link them to. What no body has understood is what the pair were actually using and doing as part of their life at the time of the murders. This will I now believe make a very good film , not just what we have done and still doing and how we have managed this with the use of EVP, Electronic Voices of the paranormal , giving us cryptic messages via our voice recorders , and from many places. I have used what I and the group have been given , and found links to things that have now been proven to be correct. This will make people think that this is far fetched , but we have many witnesses and have been in contact with the cold case team who are holding all info on the Moors murders. Worsley Paranormal group can be found , Google us we are on Facebook, and YouTube also. You can hear our work on the Paranormal . We are now digging in a spot we found more bones in the area of the shovel and other items. The book will be published by the time Brady goes to trial in June. I need advice on how we go about doing this.

  73. Vasili says

    My name is Vasil, I’m a writer from Tbilisi, Georgia. I have a short story of mystic genre based on Christian materials focused on faith. This is also based on real facts of my life.
    In order to have more clear imagination about the story I`ll give you farther information.
    The house where I live has basements one of which belongs to my family. I’ve always liked to rummage in things especially the old ones. In my childhood there was a huge chest in the basement and I always wanted to open it up and look into it. But my grandmother used to forbid me to touch the chest, so it seemed to be locked for me.
    I was fourteen of age when my grandmother died. I loved her so much that her death made me awfully sad. In spite of my great sadness I could not get rid of thinking about the old chest. One nice day I secretly took a key and unlock the chest. To my surprise there was a heap of old things inside it. But I didn’t search for much because something alike a diary took my attention. Its cover was so thin and worn out that it tore into pieces as I touched. This was an uncompleted manuscript of just twelve sheets, depicting the story of a seventeen-year-old orphan boy named Thomas. But, there ware instructions to follow and complete the story. By that time I was inexperienced and I didn’t have enough education to continue writing the story but it inspired me to try my hand in writing later and completed the story later.
    Since I finished writing I want it to be published. I’ve recently translated my short story from Georgian into English. I hope that my work will be saved with you but I have a question. Do you want the whole manuscript to read or just 30 pages to have a look at it?

  74. Glenn Albert says

    I have a movie idea, whether its great or not well depend on who its produced by. It has the potential to reach a broad audience and create a stir if not buzz throughout English speaking countries. Although it is only an idea that needs to be put on paper, it is a novel idea from a cultural perspective that would give majority of the audience a chance to view and see something they would probably never see in their life time.

    Please contact me if interested

  75. Joshua says

    200 people heard my movie idea and all said it was perfection . The problem is I suffer from ADD and OCD . So my story is locked within my mind unable to place on paper .

    I got the start the end and all in between to create a 3 part movie within my mind . Dark and uplifting . This story I created over 10 years through personal life moments . If I could just find a writer to listen to me for a week he would have a story and I could make an adventurer come to life .

  76. Cristian says

    Like the other people before me, I have an idea for a movie. Is for a SF movie and I would love to see something similar on cinemas. I am a big film fan for 2 decades.

    If someone is interested please contact me at cristian.buzatu(at)

  77. David j Batson sr says

    I have a movie idea with the fly title that no one has ever heard before. it is a killing mystery . all i need is someone to listen to my idea . i am willing to sell the title and movie to the wright person or persons. please can some contact me by my gmail acount as soon as possiable.

  78. says

    I believe I have a GREAT idea for a movie. I just need an HONEST person with knowledge to contact me. I believe my idea has the potential to be made into a tv series (like start gate, star trec, etc,,,) If anyone out therecan help, please contact me at osagemann at yahoo thanks

  79. says

    I think I have a GREAT idea for a movie. It has the possibilities to move through many different areas. I just need an HONEST person to contact me about it. I believe it has the potential to be a tv series…I believe, it’s that good!!! osagemann at Looking for any HONEST help….

  80. almamy fofana says

    i cant post my movie ideal help me make abook about first 200pages i am note a writher or make a comic book i pain art i never sale any so know i wil stard a comic book how will publish i don have the maney my wish to read one thousand best book but they is a problem i am a slow reader money is prbm again i try to go to acting universty for my own cartoon but money is the prblm again know i am geting very old i guist is not too late i am still young i feel tire like i am old toomuch work for lest make me feel old work and be broke funy the way life is disieng by .,,poverty alow me to divoce you for good bey bey poverty i am rich in the imaginairy place how wil take adantage to get more for one million only if you feelty rich is lot of money for man like me milion dollard make me cry toomuch to realise whith it

  81. almamy fofana says

    what is the purpers to be rich joix and power rich people hope for more moeny everyday hour minutes none stop. i allway imagine something big in my small head .sometime i live like a millionaire the my imagination to make my self happy like having my own airplane reaustaurent my own fine house every place on earth well know by public well respected with good beavios ordinaire people notice your arrive all thetime power of moeny is the key to stard al that porverty is very bad how bad i cant discrib it i experience it for so long is like living in hell without dieng yet is shamfull is the worst decisse i only play with my imagination i know porvety is they for purple whis i cant discrable my movie ideal is far from this rich people my hate it bank may fear i have a low degret edication as kid i need to work take care of my self open the door of your opportunity to me

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