5 Simple Steps To Help You Sell Your Movie On The Internet

For years, filmmakers have faced uphill battles when making films and getting them out there for the world to see. Finding funding for production alone was (and still is) a fantastic achievement. But once a film is finished, there’s still the matter of distribution. In this post, you’ll learn how to sell your movie online.

Distribution is simply the process of releasing your film for public consumption. In the past, many powerful conglomerates safeguarded the entire distribution process. And after a tiring tour on the festival circuit, many filmmakers went into deals with these companies, lucky to sign, even a crappy distribution deal. Thankfully, those days are done.

 Sell Your Movie On The Internet
5 Steps To Help You Sell Your Movie On The Internet

5 Simple Steps To Help You Sell Your Movie On The Internet

The Internet has quite literally changed the game. As an indie filmmaker, you can now sell your film in popular marketplaces like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and VUDU (and more) without a distribution deal. And while access to the marketplaces is exciting, you are now responsible for managing your promotion. So taking time to focus on the following fundamentals is a good start. With that in mind, here are five key steps you’ll want to remember.

Know Your Market – You’re never going to appeal to everyone. Just because streaming video puts your film in front of potentially millions of people, that doesn’t mean they’ll all watch it. Instead, know your niche market and then promote your movie to your focused fan base.

Trolls Talk – Like it or not, some people will troll you and your work. Even the most famous filmmakers have haters. The key is knowing that even those who troll your stuff may end up seeing it to see how much more they can hate it. The bottom line? Don’t be afraid of people hating you and your work.

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Stand Out – What’s the hook of your movie? What helps it stand out from all the other films people can watch? The ease with which you can sell your movie online has given rise to many movies. Your film must have a marketing hook that makes you and your work noticed.

Build A Following – It’s hard for me not to bring up music bands when it comes to modern moviemaking... Because a lot of things are similar. Just as bands often build up a following in their early days, contemporary filmmakers do the same. Use a mailing list, online streaming releases, and even production blogs to help get your film in front of potential fans.

Use Your Website – Your website is your hub for building that fan base, finding an audience, marketing, networking, and even selling your film. But you need a solid, well-made website.

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All in all, it still takes a lot of work to sell your movie on the Internet. But if you put forth the effort, you’ll find that today’s distribution options make it easier than ever to get your work noticed so you can further build your career. And if you want to learn more, check out this film distribution training system.

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