Why Prepping Your Film May Be the Most Essential Part of Film Funding

Prepping your film may be the most essential part of film funding. It’s one of the first steps in creating leverage and if done correctly, it could help you take your career to the next level.

Think about this. If I told you how to locate a prospective film investor right now, and you reached out… There is a high probability that you would blow the meeting. Why? Because you’re ignoring the MOST IMPORTANT first step in raising money for your film, and that is the PREP.

prepping your film

Prepping Your Film Is Essential

Prepping your film is hands down the most important thing you can do in raising money for your film. And one thing I know now (that is the essential key for raising money for movies) is “Continually Improve the Project.” When you do, something magical happens. The project becomes an investment vehicle that is irresistible.

Understand this: Getting in front of a prospective investor with an un-prepped project is WORSE than not getting in front of that person at all. This is extremely important for you to comprehend, so I will say it again. Getting in front of a prospective investor with an un-prepped project is WORSE than not getting in front of that person at all.

Now, why is this?

Imagine if you were the investor. Someone came into your office (taking up your valuable time), and pitched you a screenplay, and the idea was horrible. Or this person showed you a sizzle reel and it was laughable. You’re not going to want to invest. And I doubt you’d ever waste time with another meeting. Instead you’d remember you were dealing with an amateur.

So if you go into a meeting with a prospective investor, and you’re not ready, you will have blown that investor opportunity permanently. So you’ll have to cross him or her off your list. They’re done.

The Good News About Prepping Your Film

If you meet with a prospective investor, with a fully prepped project, even if he or she doesn’t invest… You will have an open door for future pitches because that potential investor knows you are REAL.

They know you won’t waste their time with garbage. Even though the prospective investor didn’t participate in your first project (and you rarely know why) their door is always open. And that is an awesome situation. If you liked this article, check out Filmmaking Stuff HQ.

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Tom Malloy is a film producer, actor, and writer. Over the course of his career, he has raised over twenty-five million dollars to produce, and distribute multiple feature films. If you're ready to "level up" your film producing, make sure to check out Movie Plan Pro. The video training and downloadable film business plan template will provide you with the same tools Malloy uses when approaching prospective film investors.