How to Break Into The Movie Industry

You’re not alone if you’re wondering how to break into the film industry.

Nearly every successful filmmaker has started from nowhere.

The problem is there is a significant catch-22 in the industry.

Nobody will take your calls, read your screenplays, or produce your ideas unless you’re known.

And unless you get your work produced, it is tough to become “known.”


When I first started, I did what you’re doing.

I sent out countless query letters.

Then I gave my screenplay to friends of friends of friends who knew (or at least claimed to) know someone in the film industry.

And then I checked my email and mail frequently…

And guess what happened? Nothing…

How to Break Into The Film Industry
Breaking Into The Film Industry

How to Break Into The Film Industry

Sure, I got the occasional rejection letter which sometimes included feedback. But most times, I sent work into the Hollywood abyss.

That was pretty much the end of it. And as I type these words, I cringe at the experience. I sincerely dislike asking permission.

The turning point for me came when I realized the secret of how to break into the film industry. 

I guarantee you will probably not like what I’m about to share… Because this secret is only for the most serious filmmakers. Are you ready?

If you are wondering how to break into the film industry, the secret is: You need to stop asking permission!

Seriously. You need to stop sending query letters.

It would be best to stop hoping someone would notice your brilliance and talent.

From there, you must quit relying on someone else to do the heavy lifting for your career. Instead, you need to become your own production company.

And it would be best if you focused first on the movie you can make this year.

Leverage The Resources You Have

Start by answering this question:

“Given the resources I have right now, what movie can I make this year?”

This may mean you can only make a two-minute movie for YouTube.

That is okay. Make that movie.

For other filmmakers, answering this question means you’ll have to put your twenty-million dollar blockbuster script in a drawer and make that low-budget horror movie you’ve been thinking about.

By doing this, something amazing will happen.

You will stop waiting around for everything to be perfect. You will take action. And as a result, you will gain the confidence that comes from doing it.

And ironically (and I don’t fully understand why the universe works this way), as soon as you stop focusing on how to break into the film industry and start doing the work, you will begin breaking into the film industry.

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