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One of the movies I worked on titled TOXIC SOUP will be screening with MOUNTAIN MAN will in New York City on December 7th at 7:30 pm as part of “Occupy St. Marks Theater 80 Film Series: Protest, Power and People.”

This film series, curated by Charles Krezell, will showcase documentary shorts from Occupy Wall Street as well as feature films from around the world. Theatre 80 is located on St Marks Place and First Avenue in the East Village.

We would love it if you came out to support TOXIC SOUP and MOUNTAIN MAN; producer Sergei Krasikov will be attending so please say Hi. And if you aren’t in NYC, please pass this onto any friends or family in the area. The full schedule is below.

– Monday December 5 @ 7:30 pm “Battle for Brooklyn” short TBA
– Tuesday December 6 @ 7:30pm “Medium Hot” short TBA
– Wednesday December 7 @ 7:30pm “Toxic Soup” short “Mountain Man”
– Tuesday December 13 @ 8pm “The Orange Chronicles” short TBA
– Wednesday December 14 “Granito, how to nail a dictator”
– Thursday December 15 “Bigger than the Beatles”

We are also encouraging everyone to support Larry Gibson’s nonprofit KEEPERS OF THE MOUNTAIN foundation by streaming or downloading MOUNTAIN MAN. It costs $4.97 for a streaming rental and $9.97 to download the short film, but all the proceeds are going straight to Larry’s foundation.

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