How To Make People Line Up And Beg To Invest In Movies

If you’re looking for people who invest in movies, you probably figured out that most high net worth individuals aren’t eager to hear unsolicited pitches from uninformed, inexperienced filmmakers. The reason for this should be obvious. But just in case you need some clarification, investing is a business.

People who invest in anything do so because they think the reward will far outweigh the risks. In other words, these people invest because your offering is more appealing than say, buying a stock mutual fund that grows on average 12% per year.

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Do You Invest In Movies?

Finding people who actually invest in movies requires that you think about your project from the point of view of the investor. What’s in if for them? Why should they invest in movies over other investment opportunities?

But Jason – No more of this business talk. I just want to find investors the easy way!

That’s your problem. And I get it.

It is far easier to search the internet for people who invest in movies than to actually scour your network for people who may be able to offer you a personal introduction. A personal introduction that could lead to a face-to-face meeting, that could lead to the Film Business Plan.

If you’re serious about finding people who invest in movies, you must realize that business largely depends on trust. And trust is a result of personal relationships. And you usually don’t build strong personal relationships without occasionally picking up the phone.

As an example of what not to do, sometimes I get some wacky emails from people asking me to invest in movies.

Dear Jason,

This is my third and final eMail to you. I think it’s silly that you have a filmmaking website, but when it comes time to actually help people make movies, you just ignore them… So here it goes – again!

My name is [removed] from [another planet]. I think you should invest in movies I want to make because my movie ideas are totally awesome. My friends and I are going to do everything – so all we need from you is the money…

I am thinking our budget is going to be eighty-thousand dollars, but I am really not sure. But we think you should help us because you know all that stuff about film distribution. ( We don’t care much about that stuff, ha-ha!)

Assuming that you do invest in movies (you don’t want to miss out, right?) – We are prepared to give you all international rights. So again, just 80K will make you as a producer. Sound good?

You can send the check to my return address.


Mr. [Name Removed]

P.S. If you pass at this opportunity, it’s your loss. But if you find other film financier for our project, we will still give you an associate producer credit.

P.P.S. What is your personal phone number? I’d like to call you with more details.

This note was modified and embellished to protect this unprofessional “filmmaker.”

Much of this probably seems funny. But these types of unprofessional solicitations are not rare. I get at least three emails like this per week. And here’s the thing, if you’re looking for people who invest in movies, it really starts with your network. It starts with a business plan and a clear plan for making your movie make sense to network your way to get movie money.

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