Can’t Find Film Investors? Here’s The Magical Filmmaking Equation

One reason you aren’t finding investors is because you don’t know how many units you need to sell in order to breakeven. Having spent the majority of my career working in film distribution, I can tell you that the filmmakers that get the best deals are those who do their homework.

So in order to make back your money and (hopefully) make a profit, you’re going to need to crunch some quick numbers. And don’t worry. The magical filmmaking equation is simple.

filmmaking equation

The Magical Filmmaking Equation

Let’s suppose you go out and raise some money to make your film. And let’s say you make your movie, but you do not garner a dream distribution deal. And for the sake of this article, let’s say the only way you can recoup your investment is by making a $5 profit from each VOD unit sold.

The formula would look something like this.

  • $100 dollars = 20 units at $5 each.
  • $1000 dollars = 200 units at $5 each.
  • $10,000 dollars = 2,000 units at $5 each.
  • $100,000 dollars = 20,000 units at $5 each.

Once you know how many units you need to sell, then you can focus on HOW you’re going to do it. What casting, marketing and distribution choices will you make to help reduce risk and improve the chances for success?

For example, what happens when you cast a famed social media star with a million subscribers in a secondary role? What happens if you partner with another organization and do a massive email blast to a few thousand people? And what about traditional PR and other buzz building tactics.

While this filmmaking equation isn’t exactly magical, it’s pretty darn useful. Once you know your numbers, you can start planning your film. You’ll be light years ahead of filmmakers who are just guessing. And if you liked this, you’ll love these filmmaking tactics.

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