How To Network In Hollywood (Or anywhere, really)

how to network in Hollywood

The other night, I was at some party. I didn't know a lot of people, but this is nothing new. Learning how to network in Hollywood, or anywhere really is one of  the most important skills you can refine. Besides, meeting new people is fun. It leads to new ideas and new opportunties. But every so often, you will meet a jerk or two . That is exactly what happened when I … [Read more...]

Networking With The Film Lobby

If you want to make a movie, you can't do it alone. Networking - Creating and cultivating relationships within the filmmaking community is essential for your success. Today's guest article comes from Jonny Morgan, owner of the new online community called the Film Lobby. Networking With The Film Lobby Listening to any podcasts, reading any articles or taking advice from others … [Read more...]

How To Make A YouTube Channel

I often receive emails from filmmaking subscribers  asking how they can get their work produced and seen. My response is - grab a camera and find out how to make a YouTube channel. The reasons I emphasize YouTube is because, it's global, owned by Google (making it a huge search engine) and because the site has a social networking component built in. Here are the steps on … [Read more...]

Source Your Audience

Given the changes in movie distribution and the fragmentation of audiences around the globe, you are now responsible for sourcing, engaging and building relationships with your audience. While sourcing and engaging your customer is a new process for filmmakers, most traditional businesses have been managing their own marketing, sales and distribution for years. So the good … [Read more...]

Why Do Filmmakers Need A List?

Filmmakers must build their own audience list

Like it or not, many social networking sites run the risk of going out of vogue. So as a filmmaker, if you are working to build a relationship with your audience - From day one, you will want to migrate your fans off the social networking sites and get them into your own email, mailing list. For this, I recommend using a reputable third-party email marketing service such as … [Read more...]