Source Your Audience

Given the changes in movie distribution and the fragmentation of audiences around the globe, you are now responsible for sourcing, engaging and building relationships with your audience.

While sourcing and engaging your customer is a new process for filmmakers, most traditional businesses have been managing their own marketing, sales and distribution for years. So the good news is, the model is already out there. You just need to apply it to your filmmaking business.

Here are five tools you should utilize to help you market and sell your movies.

  1. Website for your production company.
  2. Separate websites for each movie.
  3. Opt-in form to capture visitor info.
  4. Social networking profiles for your production company and each movie.
  5. An awesome trailer, complete with a call to action title card.

If you don’t have a website, check out my affiliate (they pay me to promote) at MovieSiteHost (WPEngine). If you do have a website, but you have no way to get visitors on your list, check out my other affiliate at

And in the event that you forget everything else about filmmaking success, you must not forget the importance of you audience. Your audience is your business. Without an audience, you have no business.

If you want more info on any of these topics, you might want to download your free filmmaking tools.

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