Secrets of Selling Your Movie Online (Don’t Get Screwed)

selling your movie online

Ever wonder about selling your movie online? Then today's question is just for you. The world of video on demand distribution is changing the ways in which movies are seen and sold, having a solid distribution strategy that you can implement is essential for success. And selling your movie online is going to be a big part of your strategy. Question: When deciding on how to … [Read more...]

How To Sell Your Movie On Hulu

Sell Your Movie On Hulu

When it comes to movie distribution, maximizing revenue is essential. And while iTunes and Amazon are popular first window transactional (TVOD) marketplaces, once the sales slow down, it may make sense to expand your reach. One platform that is gaining popularity is Hulu. Unlike transactional platforms, Hulu does not require viewers to enter a credit card (and transact each … [Read more...]

How Do I Sell My Movie On Amazon?


If you ever asked yourself: How do I sell my movie on Amazon, you are not alone. One of our Filmmaking Stuff readers wrote in, asking some very good questions about how to find a VOD platform and how to choose a website domain. Here is the question: I have had one frustrating year of trying to launch my film for sale onto the internet and I am really interested in what … [Read more...]

Changes In The Movie Industry


Yesterday I had breakfast with a studio executive from one of the Majors here in Los Angeles. Much of what we talked about revolved around changes in the movie industry and how many of the studio folks are slow to implement new ideas. With an estimated 30,000 to 50,000 independent movies flooding the market each year, the movie industry is experiencing what happens to any … [Read more...]

VOD Submission Prep


As a filmmaker, getting your movie into the various VOD marketplaces takes way longer than it should. The reason for this is simple. Every platform including iTunes, Amazon, NetFlix, Hulu and The Watchbox and Chill all want great content. The delivery standards required by some of these platforms are so high, that if even one frame is messed up, your title will be rejected! … [Read more...]